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Any ophthalmologists about? Conjunctivitis and covid-19

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DtPeabodysLoosePants Sat 14-Mar-20 09:46:58

I've read that covid-19 can cause conjunctivitis. My mum was diagnosed with an eye infection yesterday by the optician. She often has a dry cough due to reflux but is definitely coughing more than normal. No idea if she has a fever or not. She is more tired than usual too.

Does anyone have any more information regarding this please?

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SmiteTheeWithThunderbolts Sat 14-Mar-20 10:06:52

No professional knowledge but this has been on my radar because I had conjunctivitis while I had a cold a few weeks ago (and still have a slight sore throat and cough). The only thing I've seen about conjunctivitis and C-19 was in a WHO report about China which contained statistics on various aspects. There was a list of symptoms experienced by Chinese patients and a tiny % had conjunctivitis too (can't remember exactly but maybe around 2%) which I think is too low to consider it as an indicative symptom of C-19.

milkjetmum Sat 14-Mar-20 10:09:17

I have had sore eyes for the last week accompanying my cough and on-off fevers... Not been tested big course, but that is the symptom I would say makes this different from other cold/flu I have had before. My eyes feel heavy, gritty and are watering especially at night. No obvious goo though.

ChardonnaysPetDragon Sat 14-Mar-20 10:11:10

I had this a few weeks ago, milkjetmum before the spread, I don't think it's Corona symptom.

SmiteTheeWithThunderbolts Sat 14-Mar-20 10:19:00

I've still got the WHO report in my downloads and it says 0.8% of Chinese patients experienced conjunctival congestion (as at 20 Feb). So really tiny.

Licocla Sat 14-Mar-20 10:23:15

We have also had viral conjunctivitis recently which made me feel really rough. As did my SIL accompanied by very high temperature.

Tumbleweed101 Sat 11-Apr-20 21:21:12

I had this at beginning March and it kept coming back on and off for about three weeks. I've never had it before in my life. It came on after a couple of days I took off work feeling unwell, had a cough, fatigue, sore throat with glands up. I've also had a bit of a tight chest since where I need to take deeper breaths than usual. As far as I'm aware I didn't have a temperature but I was taking medicine for the sore throat so it may have masked it if I had one. I'm very curious if this was Covid or not, wish we did have access to tests just to know one way or another.

Casino218 Sat 11-Apr-20 21:29:43

That's how my Corona virus infection started. Itchy eyes that did not respond to antibiotic eye drops. Then a cough.

RachelRosie Sat 11-Apr-20 21:52:27

Now this is interesting, I had conjunctivitis about 3 weeks ago. Never had it in my adult live before. I assumed initially that my toddler gave it to me but she's not had any symptoms, so wondered where it had come from.

We've both had mild colds for a little while. No temps though...


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