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Coronavirus Lockdown coping with the boredom

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Wehttam Wed 11-Mar-20 22:40:54

I thought it could be an idea to share our tips for making the inevitable lockdown bareable for you and your family. Let’s base this on 1 month of school closures and total lockdown.

I’m actually thinking a month at home might not be so bad on the whole if well prepared beforehand...

Books, I’ll be picking up a few

Netflix / Prime

Board games / cards


Colouring books

Knitting / crocheting

What else?!

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Pinkiespalace Wed 11-Mar-20 22:43:14

Doing the mounting list of jobs in the house I never get time to do

CaptainMerica Wed 11-Mar-20 22:49:50

When everyone else was buying loo roll, i was stockpiling 2 for £5 kids craft kits from the Works.

Pandamoore Wed 11-Mar-20 22:51:44

I'm waiting on animal crossing to come out on Nintendo switch smile hoping to play that a ton. I'm also working on a screenplay. Or supposed to be rather lol. If I can stop procrastinating as per usual.

CatherineCawood Wed 11-Mar-20 22:53:14

Was thinking of getting some paint in and doing some decorating.

sawyersfishbiscuits Wed 11-Mar-20 23:00:01


Learning to play an instrument?

Crafty stuff - learn to knit

Teach DD the stuff she finds hard in Maths


Cleaning out cupboards and decluttering

AmIAPenguin Wed 11-Mar-20 23:21:24

Any game suggestions or apps for people having to self isolate in separate rooms/houses? So far i can only think of buying 2 chess sets or battle ships and playing over Skype.
Any other suggestions?

ThanksForAllTheFish Thu 12-Mar-20 03:29:35

If we have to self isolate I have a few tasks I plan to do.
Clear out my wardrobe is top of the list.
Re organise the loft.
Get DD to sort through all her old toys and do a big clear out.
Do some garden work that really needs done - back garden (also good way to get some fresh air without really going out)

That said from memory of the four occasions DD has had chicken pox (very unusual to get it that many time I know but each case was confirmed by the dr) I know she will be really bored by day 4. I have a few craft bits in for her and I could teach her how to use my sewing machine and let her make stuff. She has a tye dye kit she got last year and has been desperate to use it (me not so much). I suppose it would be a good time to let her use it.

My biggest concern would be we would end up eating all the food quickly because we were bored and do the eating because we are thing.

Gingerkittykat Thu 12-Mar-20 03:44:30

The Scrabble app on Facebook is good for playing with friends remotely.

Learn yoga or meditation via youtube.

There are loads of self-study courses out there.

I want to learn Gaelic and it has recently been put onto Duolingo so will get onto that.

bellinisurge Thu 12-Mar-20 06:17:45

Just posted this on another thread. If anyone is a crochet er - easy peasy once you get the hang of it (dd 12 picked it up quickly) - here is something to try

mrbob Thu 12-Mar-20 06:20:45

Sewing. Shit loads of sewing
Sorting out my new house

Some of these may rely on nice friends dropping me various things off but I am sure they would as long as they are not quarantined

AliceLutherNeeMorgan Thu 12-Mar-20 06:24:45

Sight reading practice grin

Riyonn Mon 13-Apr-20 16:08:28

Theres a role playing game called 'Auditions' where they get to act like there favourite characters and jump and move about. It's always a winner with our family and so funny to be part of. Heres a link - its on sale too.

hoxtonbabe Mon 13-Apr-20 17:03:23

I was going to repaint my bathroom but I ended up with mild ( but draining) symptoms and been 90% back to myself for the last week and a half , but I still have a residual cough so I don’t want to do anything that could rock the boat with my chest such as paint fumes.

But I have been baking like a crazy woman, pies/pastry is my latest addiction blush

Since feeling better I have baked bread every other day, made Nadiya’s samosa pie ( which is so bloody nice) Cornish pasties, chocolate shortbread, vanilla shortbread, pear crumbles, apple pies, Bakewell tart, caramelised onion quiche, meat pies in general.

I’m going to try my hand at Chapati/roti once I get the correct flour. Forget corona getting me, all this pie making will probably finish me off!

Like most, in addition to all my pie making I’m also living off netflix/now TV ( watched so many box sets)

Playing board games with my son

Starting his 13+ workbook with DS tomorrow which is actually going to be a learning experience for me too when I saw the content grin

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