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Coronavirus and Vitamin D - Yes, it is helpful to supplement.

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Bettertobehealthy Mon 09-Mar-20 20:59:44

As many of you may know, I have attempted to show the benefits of Vitamin D over about 5 years on this thread (General Health ).

Again, I am trying to bring your attention to some remarkable results, from VitD supplementation , as described in this research paper, in the BMJ ( British Medical Journal.)

This publication may be difficult to follow , so , you may want to watch this video by Dr. John Campbell , who clearly explains what it means, with reference to Covid-19 ( coronavirus) . Essentially ... if you have low levels of vitamin D , then you can markedly improve your chances of improving your immune response to it, in other words: Improve your chance of becoming less ill when infected.
Watch here ....

Dr Campbell is the Dr. that the coronavirus thread refers to here on Mumsnet.

You may also be interested in this series, Dr. Seheult , ( a pulmonologist). This clip is about VitD and coronavirus from 2.50 mins. A more in depth explanation.

I hope this information is of interest or useful for some.

Best of Luck,



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LilyMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 09-Mar-20 21:04:12

We're just moving this over to the right topic now. flowers

Delatron Mon 09-Mar-20 21:21:56

Thanks @Bettertobehealthy I’m religiously using my vitamin D spray and getting the kids to also. It’s good to see there’s some research out there on this.

Toybox88 Mon 09-Mar-20 21:29:18

That's interesting thanks

DirtyDancing Mon 09-Mar-20 22:07:20

Thanks!! I will pass this onto my mum who is really concerned about the whole thing

stella1know Mon 09-Mar-20 22:25:21

Thankyou for posting and sharing your knowledge. Hope you have supplies because it has been selling out here in Germany along with other meds, Vit C and Zinc. But I believe in the immense powers of high dose Vit D too.

Bettertobehealthy Mon 09-Mar-20 23:11:30

For those that are new to this information.

Vitamin D , from sunlight on skin OR when taken as a supplement , becomes a hormone in the body. The hormone is used by the body as a means of regulating cell behaviour. In other words it allows your body to respond correctly to challenges , such as viral and bacterial pathogens.
Very many of us , are short of it , when compared to humans that lived outside at lower latitudes. Over millions of years our blood levels were about 120 -140. Now, particularly in the western world , at high latitudes , sunlight is weak , and for 6 months of the year , we cannot make VitD from that sunlight. at our latitude of 50+ degrees North ( UK ) that is Mid-October to Mid April , during that period we have low levels. There is a minor amount in food., which will give us a reduced level, IF we eat the right food. Oily fish for example.
In general our blood levels are say about 30 - 70 at this time of year. When we do expose ourselves to sufficient sunlight , our levels do in fact rise to those ancestral levels 120 -140. They are the human norm.

The research I alluded to above , examines the responses of about 11,000 people , and demonstrates that increasing your vitamin D level, IF you are low, improves your immunity,

I have posted quite a bit here on Mumsnet about VitD,
Here is one of the threads in which I posted quite a lot of useful information about this subject. It is a long read ... !

I hope that is useful to anyone interested.


PS. I urge you to have a look at those clips I posted above.

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TimeToGetMeBack Mon 09-Mar-20 23:15:06

This is good, but I'm on 8 high strength vitamin d tablets a day already (due to a condition) and now can't get any because people are panic buying

HerRoyalNotness Mon 09-Mar-20 23:18:25

This is good useful info, thank you. I have low vit D as does one DC that’s had recent bloods, in spite of living somewhere generally sunny. I have some in the cupboard so will restart taking them

Bettertobehealthy Mon 09-Mar-20 23:40:43

Hi, timetogetmeback ,

have you tried online , ? OR have you tried the NHS , a doctor should be able to write a prescription, if you have a condition.
Don't forget, sunlight on skin produces vitamin D. IF you are in the UK, then from about mid April, sunlight contains enough UVB to make vit D in the skin when the suns' elevation is above 45 degrees. That is around solar noon , i.e. around 1pm. An hour each side.of that time . Remember, Don't burn your skin. In May June July Aug Sept , sunlight is strong enough between about 11am and 3 pm .
In strong sunlight , any area of skin is saturated with Vitamin D after about 20 mins. So there is no need to bake for long periods in intense sunlight. IF you were to sunbathe in strong sunlight , then you could make between 10,000 and 20,000 IU per day, probably in less than an hour. Your other alternative , could be a sunbed. Be careful not to overdo it. No Burning...! Just a few minutes , two or three times a week. Make sure the sunbed has UVB in its output. UVA only sunbeds will not make vitaminD.
Sorry to hear that you are finding it difficult to get supplies. UVB irradiated mushrooms , are available in some places. Although you will not know the dose you are getting, maybe it will say on the packaging ?

Good Luck.


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Qsandmore Tue 10-Mar-20 01:50:41

Just been told I’m deficient and have to go see my GP!

Also Zinc, some evidence it’s helping fight COVID, so lots of red meat or supplements of that too.

apricotnuts Tue 10-Mar-20 02:16:06

@Bettertobehealthy, thank you. May I ask when you refer to the levels mentioning 120-140 and our blood levels in generally being 30-70 at this time of year is the unit nmol/L?

stella1know Tue 10-Mar-20 04:29:56

Thanks @Bettertobehealthy - i will read through the old thread.

Bettertobehealthy Tue 10-Mar-20 06:00:49

Yes, @apricotnuts ,
I am referring to nmol/l. That is the UK, European, units of measurement of Vitamin D in the blood.
The USA measurement is ng/ml.

To convert ng/ml. to. nmol/l. simply multiply. By 2.5 So. 10 ng/ml is the same as. 25nmol/l



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hamstersarse Tue 10-Mar-20 06:19:22

Totally agree OP
We (family) are all supplementing

The mystery as to why these viruses are more prevalent in the winter....vitamin D!

We all take 4000 IU per day. Even the doses of many vitamin d supplements are too low!

This coverage of it is GREAT!

OzziePopPop Tue 10-Mar-20 06:44:49

Just got vitamin d easily on Amazon if anyone needs some. I’ve been taking it for a couple of years due to agoraphobia aNd basically zero sun exposure 😔

NeurotrashWarrior Tue 10-Mar-20 07:10:31

Hi better, I read your info a few years ago and watched a Holick lecture on YouTube (then bought his book I found it so fascinating, plus I was breastfeeding at the time).

I've got asthma and am bf again now; I've been taking the 3000 sprays, latterly with k2. Recently I saw a few things about co factors here but I find it confusing. Some see to think k2 is ok taken with the d3, others separately. In fact quite strongly that they should be separate. Do you know about it and can you explain more please?

Gatekeeper Tue 10-Mar-20 07:35:27

what dosage /type of zinc is recommended?

Bettertobehealthy Tue 10-Mar-20 08:17:38

For those interested. -

This MedCram video clip has a lot of data re: zinc / coronavirus


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Bettertobehealthy Tue 10-Mar-20 08:17:59

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apricotnuts Tue 10-Mar-20 14:41:14

Thanks Bettertobe

Bettertobehealthy Thu 14-May-20 20:16:08

Well - FINALLY , a Hospital Trust issues Vitamin D to its BAME, at risk workers.

Lets hope that is replicated throughout the healthcare sector AND that it becomes government advice. Low Vitamin D , is a risk factor and can pre-dispose anyone to more severe reaction to Covid-19 infection. BAME persons are statistically more likely to have lower levels of vitamin D than white skinned individuals , as is well known.
According to Gavin Boyle , Chief Executive of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust, there is evidence, and so they are issuing Vit D to their BAME workers. As shown on BBC East Midlands today.

This of course begs the question , if you are white , and you have a low level of Vitamin D , are you at risk of more severe outcomes as well. The answer is , yes, As I have pointed out above.

Everyone with an inadequate level of Vitamin D , should increase it , to a healthier level. A large percentage of UK inhabitants, no matter what ethnicity, are low.
Here is that link again , a long read , but lots of info, about why you need a good level AND info about how to get that level. I posted quite a bit on that thread , explaining why.

Best of Luck


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