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This panic buying is ridiculous, had to go to 6 diff shops just to get loo roll

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JustBecauseItWorkedForYou Fri 06-Mar-20 21:31:06

Nr out of loo roll. Weekly shop today. Aldi, tesco asda x2 and sainsburys had none I mean not even the cheap stuff or fancy patternwd type ones.

Luckily wilko had some.

Couldn't even get pasta, prob have to just get in costco not to bulk panic buy but in hope they have some. I just don't get it there as storage here is crap.

Infant formula, ds can only tolerate one. I norm buy 4 at a time. Struggled to get that even

Now I knew about the handwash etc and always have that anyway.
Tesco cleaning aisle was also bare except the likes of oven cleaner, polish.. Everything antibac or likewise was gone!

I just want to shop normally.

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OhLook Fri 06-Mar-20 21:34:01

I'm vaguely concerned I won't get any loo roll when mine runs out and will have to use the shower instead 😬

That still won't make me paid buy though.

I'm not even totally sure why people are panic buying toilet roll?

FusionChefGeoff Fri 06-Mar-20 21:34:44

People in my town obvs don't give a shit - tonnes of everything everywhere I've been this week!! Haven't even bothered to try to get sanitiser but paracetamol, calpol, pasta, loo roll etc all in plentiful supply here!!

BinkyandBunty Fri 06-Mar-20 21:37:48

Toilet paper, paper towel, tissues, rice and pasta shelves all empty at my local last night.

I did manage to have all of those things delivered though - I'm assuming there's still stock in the warehouses and it's just keeping the shop shelves stocked that's the problem.

ParkheadParadise Fri 06-Mar-20 21:37:56

Same as FusionChefGeoff
I did my weekly food shop earlier. Plenty of everything I wanted available.

Toogramtogiveadamn Fri 06-Mar-20 21:39:44

Ha ha @FusionChefGeoff, same here

puds11 Fri 06-Mar-20 21:40:56

But...,when you found it did you buy it all??

Alsohuman Fri 06-Mar-20 21:41:21

The shelves are all still full here.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Fri 06-Mar-20 21:42:24

“People in my town obvs don’t give a shit.”
Was the pun intended there, @FusionChefGeoff.grin

Piccalino3 Fri 06-Mar-20 21:43:07

I went to Costco today. No pasta at all but lots of rice, tuna. Loo roll and tissues limited to 1 pack per person. They did also spray the shopping trolley handle as we went in.

Babysharkdoodoodood Fri 06-Mar-20 21:44:17

Costco have loads. See my earlier post about my panic buying buy DH.

thenightsky Fri 06-Mar-20 21:50:25

Plenty of bog roll, handwash, paracetamol etc in B&M and Home Bargains today.

StatisticallyChallenged Fri 06-Mar-20 21:52:12

Dh went to our nearest sainsbury's- pasta, rice, tuna, tomatoes all pretty much gone. Next nearest was pretty much fine thankfully but then you do find yourself thinking "I'll get a few extras" which most people seemed to be doing.

RhymingRabbit3 Fri 06-Mar-20 21:53:26

The problem is some people panic buy and then other people notice the stock is getting low and so they buy extra even if they dont need it, because they're worried it might not be available. So even people who arent "panic buying" end up buying loo roll and it just perpetuates.

Judystilldreamsofhorses Fri 06-Mar-20 21:55:17

DP went to ASDA to do the big shop about teatime, and there was not a single loaf of bread. He got some in the little Tesco on the way home.

WalkingDeadTrainee Fri 06-Mar-20 21:55:25

Get the butt showergrin

TimeToGetMeBack Fri 06-Mar-20 21:57:04

Round here there's no toilet roll, any type of pain killers including calpol, anything antibac, soap or vitamins! I need high strength vitamin d for a condition and I usually buy as cheaper than a prescription, but there is none!!

Babdoc Fri 06-Mar-20 21:58:31

No sign of panic buying in my corner of Scotland. I did my weekly supermarket run this morning and they were fully stocked with everything. Except eggs! But that was apparently a cock up from the supplier.

Justanotherlurker Fri 06-Mar-20 21:59:03

I think people are playing this up somewhat, it was like how the daily mirror pushed images of empty shelves that had prices in euros that wasn't even related to the convid.

I am yet to speak to anyone who has had trouble buying toilet paper, maybe you live in an area that reads trash like the daily mirror and is easily spooked?

Vinorosso74 Fri 06-Mar-20 22:00:15

We have 2 and a half rolls of loo roll left and I'm thinking I should have got some when I popped into Morrisons earlier. I don't go for panic buying but would normally buy more at this point. I hope everyone else has left me some!

AStarSoBright Fri 06-Mar-20 22:02:44

Managed to get toilet roll, paracetamol and cleaning stuff easily today, not panic buying, DS has norovirus so we're using more toilet rolls and anti bacterial spray/wipes than usual.

SoftPlayHell0 Fri 06-Mar-20 22:03:35

No toilet roll in our town - I could understand if we were in the grip of some explosive diarrhoea epidemic but I’m genuinely puzzled. If I had to choose between food and bog roll I know which of those could be improvised

YouTheCat Fri 06-Mar-20 22:03:57

I'd love to know who are the people who voted YABU. Are they the idiots with 56 loo rolls and 20 bars of soap?

Drivemybluecar Fri 06-Mar-20 22:06:40

I went into my local Aldi to do a shop. Was expecting it to be empty as other people had been to Tesco and said the shelves were empty. They had everything. Even shelves of hand soap and hand gel. 🤷🏻‍♀️

YellowOctonaut Fri 06-Mar-20 22:07:26

The problem is some people panic buy and then other people notice the stock is getting low and so they buy extra even if they dont need it, because they're worried it might not be available.

Yes, if we do it ourselves it's "stocking up". If other people do it it's "panic buying". grin

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