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saracorona Fri 06-Mar-20 19:41:41

I'm worried about signing my son up for student halls accommodation this September. You can have a cancellation if your child contracts the virus but not if the Uni shuts.

Plus although the death is low in this age group, he does have mild asthma and low statistics is no comfort if it's your child.

Also if he was to become ill, I think I'd rather he was close to home. Am I over reacting?

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AnyOldSpartabix Fri 06-Mar-20 20:32:52

September is ages away. By then, I suspect there will be a much better idea of what’s going on, even if it’s still ongoing. You might all have had it by then too.

You can’t stop them living for something that might never happen.

JugglingFromHereToThere Tue 26-May-20 09:01:55

Completely understand your concerns saracorona
It's so hard to know how things will work out for them in September isn't it?
My son is hopefully starting at Trinity Laban in Greenwich in September, playing trumpet.
We've registered and paid deposit for student accommodation and waiting to hear if he hopefully gets a room - most first years generally do I think.
Thinking the deposit isn't massive if it doesn't work out but not totally sure what we've actually committed to in paying it.
Wondering if there are other threads where people are talking about their Y13s hopefully off to Uni this autumn?

Laniakea Tue 26-May-20 09:04:35

Juggling there’s a thread in higher Ed for parents of this year’s y13s (and a handful of us whose dc took a gap year) who are due to start university this September.

Laniakea Tue 26-May-20 09:05:25

Here smile

JugglingFromHereToThere Tue 26-May-20 09:27:20

Thanks Laniakea, you're a star!
Seems familiar am sure I've been on that thread before!

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