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Evaporation line or BFP?????

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blueskies19 Sun 24-Nov-13 18:05:46

Ive been trying to conceive for many years and for the first time this last month I used the cheap ovulation predictor kits. They amazingly worked as I thought nothing would show up but a very faint line showed up at the start of ovulation which I confirmed with a more expensive brand that same day. Me and the partner only managed to DTD twice during that period.

I am 5 days before the start of AF and have bought the same cheap pregnancy tests and I have just tested today (not with FMU) and the result within 1 minute was a definite negative but going back to the test after 9 minutes there was a very very faint line (squint through narrow eyes and you may see it!) but there was a very pale line which over time has become darker.

I am convinced it is an evaporation line as I have been trying for 5 years and am almost giving up and am just about to go down the ivf route.

Does anyone have any experience of cheap pregnancy tests and do they more often than the branded ones come up with this evopration line?
I think I am just driving myself crazy with this as the instructions on the packet say DEFINITELY do not read the test after 10 minutes which is what Im doing but I guess Im just hoping for a miracle and would be more ecstatic than winning the lottery to get a BFP

Any advice greatly appreciated x

jass43 Sun 24-Nov-13 18:31:00

if you saw the line within first 10 minutes and it is indeed before the AF is due i think you have no reason not to hope. Repeat after 48 hours or if you have tons of these tests tomorrow - good luck and lets hope the line is indeed the line you are hoping for

blueskies19 Sun 24-Nov-13 18:40:53

thanks jass43 - I think the line was just at 10 minutes and is only very very very faint and hardly visible at all and have just re-read the instructions saying discard the results after 10 minutes so I'm probably getting way too carried away :-)

I will definitely test again as I have lots of these tests now - getting a bit obsessed with this whole POAS thing!

Have just read that FMU has the highest concentration of HCG in it so will try first thing in the morning

There was definitely no line within the time frame and having just looked it up on the internet it says its quite common for an evaporation line to appear after the allocated time which I sadly think is what it may be :-(
I will test again and let you know
Keeping all toes fingers and everything crossed till then!

mum140381 Sun 24-Nov-13 20:22:58

i have had loads of evaps on cheep tests in the past but when i was pregnant it still looked just like the evap the previous month so don't give up hope just keep testing doesn have to be fmu just hold your wee for 4-5 hours i was testing about 3 times in a day lol

blueskies19 Sun 24-Nov-13 23:17:33

thanks so much mum140381 - Ive just another test - couldn't wait till the morning as Im now driving myself crazy with the wait!

this time I used another cheap internet test and I made sure I timed it exactly and within 8 minutes a very very very faint pink line did emerge but so faint you could hardly see it but it still did appear and much sooner that the first test which only appeared after the alloted time frame of 10 minutes so I don't want to get myself too excited but its encouraging that it appeared within 10 minutes - now not too sure what to think as its about 5 days before AF but have NO pregnancy symptoms at all - no nausea, no sore boobs - the only thing I have is the same crampy feeling in my back and legs I get just before the AF arrives. Now wondering if because its a cheapy test that it is an evap line as I don;'t have any pregnancy symptoms and I want for it so badly to be a BFP having been trying for almost too many years to count,

Just wondered if anyone else had the same as this with a cheap test and a very faint line and then it did turn positive - thanks for any advice

will test again with FMU in the morning (will try and resist getting up through the night to test!) and then this may give a better picture - I can but keep all my fingers toes and everything crossed that it is a BFP :-)

SoonToBeSix Sun 24-Nov-13 23:45:38

I really hope you get a definite bfp in the morning.

blueskies19 Mon 25-Nov-13 08:28:03

thanks so much SoonToBeSix - that's really kind of you

well I didn't get a wink of sleep last night thinking about the test and would have got up throughout the night to test but managed to hold off until 7am - very good of me I thought :-)

So I did another cheapie internet test this time with FMU and it came up with a very very faint line but this time slighter sooner than the previous time last night and well within the alloted time of 10 minutes - am trying not to get too excited but surely they can't all be evapouration lines - this time the line you don't have to really search for - it is very faint but there

Im going to go out today and buy some expensive ones - am now a complete POAS addict! and hopefully that will shed some light on and will be keeping all my fingers and toes still crossed for that BFP

Still no preggers symptoms at all - no sickness sore boobs just cramping in legs and lower back I always get just before AF which is due this week

only thing that I noticed but it may be a coincidence is that twice Ive noticed that the same food that Ive been eating as the DH Ive found to be off when he said it was absolutely fine - I really was convinced the pineapple we had was just not right but he ate it all but he does eat everything bless him - the same thing happened with some lamb which I was struggling to eat and he said was delicious - it may be nothing but in the absence of any preggers symptoms I really am trying to graps at anything! desperate I know but I so very badly want that BFP and Ive been trying for tooo many years to mention

will go and buy some expensive tests today and will re-test and will update once Ive done this

still keeping all fingers and toes crossed :-)

RevoltingPeasant Mon 25-Nov-13 08:56:08

OP please update when you do your expensive test! Fingers xed for you.

blueskies19 Mon 25-Nov-13 09:09:25

thanks so much RevoltingPeasant - just off to the shops now - can't wait any longer and am driving myself bananas just wanting to know!!

will steer clear of the CB test as have just been reading that they are notorious for giving evaporation lines - feel like Im now becoming an expert on these different brands of pregnancy tests!

will update as soon as I have done the test

Dillydollydaydream Mon 25-Nov-13 09:11:06

Eee fingers crossed for a bfp

Honeybear30 Mon 25-Nov-13 18:20:38

blueskies did you get another test???

TortillasAndChocolate Mon 25-Nov-13 18:32:32

Hope it's a BFP

TortillasAndChocolate Mon 25-Nov-13 18:47:55

Hope it's a BFP

Vickyvix Mon 25-Nov-13 19:03:33

Just stumbled across this thread, did you buy another test?? I would recommend a FRER if you can find one. I really really hope it's a BFP for you blueskies!!

Remember it's very early days for you, but the fact the lines are appearing more quickly and are pink not grey/silver is a good sign.

blueskies19 Mon 25-Nov-13 19:41:26

hello all
thanks so much for your messages - its so lovely to get them - I haven't told anyone else about this except the DH so its so lovely to be able to talk to you all

well.......I went in a mad rush to the nearest asda and picked up their own brand - on my many hours of reading about pregnancy tests I feel like Im getting to know the hang of it now! the asda one seemed to be recommended by many for being the most reliable and not showing an evaporation line which I was worried that the cheapie internet ones were doing with my test results

I rushed home forgetting the DHs biscuits, milk and pretty much everything else! Think everyone in the shop thought I was on an anika rice timed themed mission as I literally ran around the shop to find the test!

well got home and did the asda one and within 3 minutes a big fat nothing but then within 6 minutes a very very faint line slowly emerged and the pale line now although still very very faint you can see it and don't have to hold it to the light and squint through one eye as I have been! On reading the instructions I was RELIEVED to see that they said results can appear within one minute and most normally appear within 3 minutes but allow for 15 minutes and then disregard if a change happens after this

So...... does the very very faint line that finally arrived within the allocated 15 minutes along with the one this morning with FMU and the one last night all with very faint lines within the time frame possibly mean it is a BFP?? I can literally hardly contain my excitement if it is as I was just about to start ivf and was told by the drs it would be very hard with a 3% success rate :-( so if it is positive I literally feel like I have won the best lottery :-)

Anyway sorry for the long ramble - DH is not around and have not told anyone else so I am literally brimming over!

I will do another test tomorrow with FMU and see what that says - I did suffer from three early miscarriages over the years so as happy as I am I am also just wishing for it to be OK and very anxious in these early days
thanks so much for all your support and good wishes

will update in the morning after the second asda test and then will go and buy a digital one - fingers and toes crossed all round :-)

ipotty Mon 25-Nov-13 20:38:57

Bumping for you OP!! Iknow nothing about these kits but am very excited grin

Feelingfatty Mon 25-Nov-13 21:57:17

Good luck!! Sounds positive smile

Vickyvix Mon 25-Nov-13 21:58:00

That sounds like good news. I would keep testing over the next few days and hopefully the lines will get steadily darker and appear more quickly. The FRER ones are pretty sensitive I think and so are SuperDrug.

I would maybe hold off a day or two for the big guns digi, they are much less sensitive than a FRER and I wouldn't want you to get disappointed at a neg on the digi just because it's too early. I got a BFP on a digi on 15 dpo, but on the clear blue plus on 14DPO (but hadn't tested earlier).

Keep us updated, I have everything crossed for you and it is sounding very positive so far - Remeber, these things do happen and maybe, just maybe, it's your turn! smile

blueskies19 Mon 25-Nov-13 23:18:54

thanks so much for your support and kind words everyone - I really appreciate it

I will indeed try and hold off the digi one vickyvix - sounds like a good plan especially as it could well be too early and I so only want to see positive lines at the moment
hopefully I will be able to test at the weekend with the digi one - AF due I think on thursday so will test on saturday with the digi one

may resort to going out and buying a FRER as knowing me I will just be desperate to keep testing and seeing what happens to that line and the intensity of the colour

DH is worried cos of previous experiences with the miscarriages so feel like I can only get excited here on MN - he is in a very funny mood at the moment and so the opposite of excited as he's worried from the last few occassions - I was hoping he would be jumping around with hopeful anticipation like me but he is very quiet and pessismistic so Im a bit sad about that

I mustn't get too ahead of myself I know but just thrilled to have got what appears to be a faint BFP as I have been trying for so long since the last miscarriage and thought that it just wouldnt happen

think i will do the asda test with fmu and will let you know how that goes and then possibly go out and buy the FRER - I am officially a POAS addict!

Getting slightly ocd about the symptom checker but really want to grasp at anything - so my boobs have been really achey for the past hour - yayyy - and I still seem to find foods smells and other smells much stonger than usual - which is encouraging I hope but my back is very aching all over which I do tend to get with approaching AF so perhaps that's not so good :-(

will test tomorrow morning with FMU and will keep you updated - heres hoping I get more than 2 hours sleep than last night when the excitement of seeing the test results was just too much for me :-)

BrianTheMole Mon 25-Nov-13 23:20:40

Oooh, sounds promising. Hope so. Fingers crossed for you.

thepobblewhohasnotoes Mon 25-Nov-13 23:48:28

I think it sounds hopeful!

I did a pregnancy test in June of last year, after TTCing unsuccessfully for a while. It had a line on it so faint, I could only see it by squinting. DP couldn't see it at all, and thought I was imagining it. I did one the next day, DP again couldn't see it. So my lovely friend came round with an early response test (I forget which one - probably Clear Blue early one I think), and low and behold, an unmistakable line! grin

My "faint line" is now sleeping just next to me, she's nearly 8 months old, and the most wonderful little girl.

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you.

tracyandeli Tue 26-Nov-13 07:14:37


blueskies19 Tue 26-Nov-13 08:58:47

thanks everyone

Its great to hear your story thepobblewhohasnotoes and reassuring for me to hear that others who get faint lines that turn in to bundles of joy - here's hoping that's the same for me

update - I did a test at 2.30am !!! I know Im totally bonkers to do one at this crazy time in the morning but I just couldn't sleep and was worrying about things so did the 2nd asda test - I was very disappointed to see a much fainter line than the line the night before but still a line and in the allocated time

I was a bit despondant and very worried as the fainter line happened last time with me and signalled there was a problem. I was faced with a cross DH who told me to get a grip and stop testing - I guess men don't understand the need to see whats going on as much as we do!

I hung on till he left for work and then did another test at 8am this morning with a cheapie internet test and the line although in no way bold was definitely to my now accoustomed squinty eye looks to be the strongest in terms of defnition and colour - yayyyy

Am trying not to get carried away due to my last experiences but am just going to go with any positives and not tell the DH Im still testing as he now also thinks Im bonkers with the whole POAS :-)

Think I may book a blood test as this tests your levels but am very very anxious about that as that showed up the problems the last time

Thanks so much for all your good wishes and support

Will keep you updated and let you know what the beta levels are - here's crossing even more fingers and toes for that one :-)

Vickyvix Tue 26-Nov-13 09:09:57

Thanks for the update, I was checking in to see how you got on. It's still looking positive for you. If our doc will do a blood test that sounds like a good idea, particularly given your history. I would test again with FMU tomorrow.

I am also a self confessed POAS addict. I did a test every day (and sometimes more than one) from when I got my BFP until when I was 7 weeks preg blush

Vickyvix Tue 26-Nov-13 09:10:22

Err your doc of course!

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