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The Brookers will get their BFP's by any means necessary, thats the definition of Brooking No Argument!

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Your last thread got somewhat derailed so I thought I would treat you to a lovely shiny new place full of real open fires, fluffy blankets and an aga for baking bread and warming soups and stews. Back on with the job in hand ladies, lets have a round up of who's doing what and when.

link to last thread though I think it's best left behind now!

NoMaybeAboutIt Wed 25-Sep-13 11:16:53

Nice one Boo smile. And an aga you say? I've brought the pup too. He can entertain us.

Well make sure to leave muddy walking boots by the door Maybe! Just had the rugs cleaned grin <pops a couple of dog beds by the fire>

ControlGeek Wed 25-Sep-13 11:24:59

ooooh boo an aga!!! <drools> thank you!

<watches pup play>

How are you feeling now maybe? I have no knowledge of hyperemesis, does it generally pass after a certain stage?

NoMaybeAboutIt Wed 25-Sep-13 11:30:05

It's ok Boo I'm more of a slippers girl at the moment wink

I have no idea Geek I think it should start to die down. 14 weeks was my magical turning point I was aiming for. Alas, that has passed grin. But I'm ok!! How are things with you? How is MrG? Was all that business sorted out with his work?

Stacks Wed 25-Sep-13 12:12:11

Hello again. My what a cozy thread Boo, it's appreciated today with the horrible drizzly weather we have here today. Yuk.

DH and I are both feeling quite excited about the prospect of TTC again, and having another baby. We were quite nervous at the idea of 2 DC to start with, but the more thought we've given it the more exciting the prospect is. I'm just really hoping it doesn't take as long as last time. I know 18 months isn't long compared to some, but it's so far from that initial expectation when you decide to start. I was thinking last night how excited I was the first time we dtd without contraception! I'm rambling, sorry.

Nurse and Fox nice to meet you, kind of. I don't really know your situations so I'm a bit reluctant to comment. The ladies on here are wonderful though, so listen to their advice where you can.

I come back with mixed feelings really, it seems so long ago I was sharing my TTC journey with some of you. I sincerely wished you'd all have wee bundles of joy now. I've missed so much of what you've been through, I'm worried I don't really fit any more. Please let me know if you'd rather I joined a different TTC thread. I honestly won't mind. I've spent ages trying to think of a way of saying what I'm thinking, but just can't find the words. I hope you can kind of guess. Hugs.

BeedlesPineNeedles Wed 25-Sep-13 12:40:29

Oh stacks of course you're welcome here. Its Ok to jump the queue come back here to TTC number 2 or 3 or even to get accidently pregnant. It was just the very specific factors that were involved on the other thread that we found a little too much to cope with.

BeedlesPineNeedles Wed 25-Sep-13 12:43:10

Oh and thanks for the new thread boo Can I just confirm that you have employed a fit young man to chop the wood for the open fire (preferably without a shirt on) grin

NoMaybeAboutIt Wed 25-Sep-13 12:46:40

Oh Stacks, it's lovely to have you back! Don't you dare go anywhere smile. And you're not rambling at all. The first month of TTC is by far the most exciting wink.

Beedle what a good idea. Who is our pin up boy going to be??

ControlGeek Wed 25-Sep-13 13:48:17

<pounces on stacks while the other brookers lock the door> of course you're welcome, I'm sorry you felt you had to ask. beedle has put it perfectly.

<loans beedle my tree feller fella's fit son, who gave me an eyeful of his shirtless chest while he was cooling down after felling my trees a few weeks ago>

maybe oh lovely that doesn't sound nice at all, I really hope it goes soon for you. MrG's work issue will be all sorted officially on 11th October, but he will find out unofficially tomorrow morning <crosses absolutely eeeeeeeeeverything except my legs >

<squeezes Stacks> welcome back lovely smile good luck

Geek brooking and thinking of Mr G for tomorrow <gives Geek another squeeze, so happy to have you back>

Beedle will he do? grin

NoMaybeAboutIt Wed 25-Sep-13 14:05:51

Oh Geek that's great news. I feel a celebratory meal coming on and shag

<digs another moat so Stacks can't escape>

Oh, my BIL is a tree surgeon. He's pretty fit too

BeedlesPineNeedles Wed 25-Sep-13 14:10:11

boo I'm afraid that the internet at work considers that that link is unsuitable shock shock so I can't look at it

ControlGeek Wed 25-Sep-13 14:36:22

My work internet connection amazingly didn't block that link - ooh la la boo !!!

thank you maybe - obviously all of the brooking is rubbing off on him, too grin We are now on a health kick in prep for IVF nothing like a long lead up! but 11th October is on our 'officially allowed alcohol on this day' list.

How is everybody else doing? I've missed so much (but nothing so much as your company)

hinkyhonk Wed 25-Sep-13 15:02:01

boo 's link didn't come through to this thread but our log cutting friend so that was a bit of a treat up on my massive screen at work while lots of senior people mill about... off to fan myself

blush sorry, I will pop back and try that again <off to delete the clip board on my phone>

Munxx Wed 25-Sep-13 15:10:20

Nice one Boo

Just popping in to issue big squidges and mugs of hot chocolate to those who want.

Fixed the link on the old thread <off for another look at our lumberjack> grin

Ooh, hot chocolate, many thanks Munxx

hinkyhonk Wed 25-Sep-13 15:19:34

no need to apologise boo my tired old eyes perked up at that view!

DinoSnores Wed 25-Sep-13 15:25:30

Just popping in to say hello and thanks for the new thread.

I'm not TTC #4 but only using BFing as contraception (the prescription for Cerazette has been stuck to the noticeboard waiting to be taken to the chemist since my 6 week check!) and wouldn't be too upset if it happened. To be honest, after the time we've had, I find it difficult the idea of ever actively preventing a pregnancy again. AF has made only 2 appearances in the last 7 months so think it is all a bit academic at the moment anyway!

maybe, I've vomited every day I've been pregnant but it is amazing how easy it is to forget about once the baby arrives! Have you tried ginger biscuits? wink (A consultant obstetrician said that to me while I was attached to a drip! Really?! You think I've let myself get in this state and you don't think I've tried ginger biscuits?!)

stacks, exciting to see you back TTC. Feels like just a few months since you were here first time round! Have I missed any other postgrads returning properly?

There are even new people around. Excellent! Will have to go back and work out who people are. I can't believe keep is, what, 30? weeks already! And I am Brooking for Beedles! Geek, hope MrG has a good day with whatever has gone at work (I've missed a lot)!

ControlGeek Wed 25-Sep-13 15:45:24

hink I'm sorry but I'm shaking with silent laughter at your post (my boss is milling around too - best wipe the tears away!)

<gives munx and dino a squidgy hug>

dino my 2-doors-down-neighbour has four little boys, I swear there's barely a year between each of them! They are fab and adorable. If they're anything like cats, which obviously they are not nor am I portraying to be any kind of expert! anything more than one and you really don't notice the extra wink And as for that consultant - the mind boggles!

gringrin glad I could help Hinky grin

Dino I love the way you're looking at ttc (well not ttc but you know what I mean) I'm also feeling odd about preventing pregnancy (prescription for my implant alto stuck on notice board) but for me, my last pg was so hard, and now I have 3 I don't know how I will physically fit another in so it's for best for now.

musicalmrs Wed 25-Sep-13 16:37:07

Lovely new Fred Boo.

Beedles, how is downregging going?

Stacks, how incredibly exciting that you're officially TTCing again! I'm a tad jealous. We're not starting until December or potentially end of Nov when my pills run out. Both DH and I are on all the vitamins we took last time round in preparation though. I'm rather excited, and rather apprehensive all at the same time..

Maybe, are you still signed off of work? Sorry you've been suffering so sad

<waves to everyone else> What's new with all you lovely brookers? I apologise for not posting much, but I read the Freds lots (normally while putting DD to bed!).

Best go, DD is trying to feed a clementine to an increasingly disgruntled cat..

shock did I say 'for now' don't tell DH!! wink

Hi Musical glad to see everyone finding us over here

<sets up disco in the corner ready for all the dancing we have to do>

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