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taking clomid 50mg still no results after 3 months

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negagain Wed 23-May-12 10:56:56

is there anyone who is having same problem, just done 3rd month and got af again so annoying. ive been on 50mg and had 21 day test which come in at 1st 31nmol/l 2nd 38nmol/l 3rd 34nmol/l. only 1 tube that works and had the test to check its clear in feb. so no probs there. im really hoping to get a result but not looking good :-(. my gyno has just just given me another 6 months supply and just said hope it works. its my gp wh does the 21 day test.

eurochick Wed 23-May-12 11:34:27

It sounds like it is making you ovulate (were you before the clomid?) but you still need to get sperm to meet egg and it's normal for that to take a few months (perhaps longer with only one tube).

Good luck.

negagain Wed 23-May-12 11:56:37

no i had 2 test before and result came back at 1 nmol/l so thats why i had test to check my tube was clear then i was put on clomid.

eurochick Wed 23-May-12 12:01:19

That's good then - the Clomid is making you ovulate. But unless your one tube is managing to pick up eggs from both sides (which I have heard can happen), you have only had one or two chances over those three months of Clomid so far, so it is very early days. Try not to be disheartened. It sounds like the drugs are doing what they should.

negagain Wed 23-May-12 12:11:06

so staying on 50mg is ok i dont need to ask to up the dosage? also i was told that about eggs can be picked up from both sides (mad lol) thanks for the advice hopefully ill get result with the 6 months supply i have got left.

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 23-May-12 13:07:41

"my gyno has just just given me another 6 months supply and just said hope it works. its my gp wh does the 21 day test".

That's poor practice on the part of this gynae; I would seek a second opinion particularly as clomid should be used for only 6 months max.

Also poor that your GP is doing the day 21 test; such problems are also outside their remit.

negagain Wed 23-May-12 13:24:22

the gyno who gave me the first 3 months and then another 6 months is on private help as i had a tubal reversal which i had to pay for, but i do have an nhs apointment in a month time so hopfully get some questions answered,

sinkingflameofhilarity Wed 23-May-12 18:06:57

Attila, 6 months being the max for clomid isn't correct.

Recomendations are vague and simply say there might be an increased risk of ovarian cancer with long term use. Numbers of cases are just too small to draw any other conclusion.

The clinics I've been to have varied between 6 and 12months. And that's in my case and my mum had ovarian cancer.

Negagain, you seem to be ovulating. Remember a normal (add your own inverted commas) couple can take 12months. Easier said than done. My husband has to keep reminding me that we've only had maybe 5 realistic chances despite 3years at it.

CaveMum Wed 23-May-12 18:34:58

I think the "6 months only" is a moveable feast. After all, if someone has the max of 150mg for 6 months I don't see why someone can't have 50mg for, say, 9 months.

I've had 5 cycles of Clomid so far. I'm on a non-medicated cycle at the moment (long story, due to cock up at clinic) so have 1 more cycle left before a review. The 50mg has made me ovulate but not regularly - ov on Days 15, 14, 26, 15 and 39 - so I think we only got the timing right on 2 of the 5 cycles - DH lives away from home during the week so it's not possible to have sex every other day.

Sorry to ramble on, the upshot is don't worry there are other people in similar situations!

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