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TTC - How long to wait for AF after ERCP ?

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Mojomummy Wed 17-Aug-05 15:18:48

that's it really, just had one (yesterday) & trying to cheer myself up with the fact that I can try again soon....advised to wait for one period...just interested in how others have got on...

wendy11 Wed 17-Aug-05 16:11:11

I am in the same boat as you. I had an ERPC on the 1st August and just waiting for af to show. This was an IVF pg and I was 10 weeks. I had 2 scans where there was a heartbeat and then no heartbeat at the 10 week scan. Some reports say that you are more fertile immediatley after a pg or m/c but we have been advised to wait for one af as have conceived naturally in the past although that ended in a stillbirth. Just hope for better days ahead than there have been over the last few weeks.

strike1 Wed 17-Aug-05 16:23:25

Hi Mojomummy and Wendy11. So sorry for your loses . I had a missed m/c back in may followed by an erpc. My cycle used to be erratic so I expected a long wait for af, but she showed up after 5 weeks! I didn't concieve last month but am hoping that soon everything will work I think waiting for 1 af is good, not just for dating the next pg but to give your body a chance to clear everything out ready to start again. Not an expert though, there are lot's of those on the ttc after miscarriage thread, if you want to come and join us? Lot's of us in the same boat, sharing advice. It'd be good to see you there. Best of luck.

MrsDoolittle Wed 17-Aug-05 16:25:06

Endo Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography?

Mojomummy Wed 17-Aug-05 17:27:37

ERCP = Evacuation of Retained Conception Products

MrsDoolittle Wed 17-Aug-05 17:36:49

Sorry. Ignore me. I was being a smart-ar*e!

Roobedoo Wed 17-Aug-05 18:14:52

I do feel for you. I had a m/c and was advised to wait for next AF and could then try again. Think AF took 5 weeks to come. Got pg 2nd month of trying.

oaktree Wed 17-Aug-05 18:26:19

I've had 2 ERPCs and in both cases AF took about 6 weeks to come back. beforehand I had been a regular as clockwork 28 day cycle girl.

beatie Wed 17-Aug-05 19:27:11

My AF took about 4 weeks to return. My 'cycles' at the time were about 3 weeks long, so just a little longer than usual.

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