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Basic Question !

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kittypower Thu 11-Aug-05 10:26:08

If you are pregnant, do you work out how long you have been pregnant for, by counting back from the last time you were on? Sorry to ask such a beginner question!

hunkermunker Thu 11-Aug-05 10:27:39

Yep, from the first day of your last period.

throckenholt Thu 11-Aug-05 10:28:14

pregnancy is dated from teh first day of the period preceding conception. So generally you are 4-5 weeks pregnant when you miis your first period.

basketcase Thu 11-Aug-05 10:29:51

The usual method of working it all out is to treat day one as from your last period. This is how you come to work out the standard 40 weeks of pregnancy.
However, as this means you have been pregnant for two weeks before conception, some systems use the from ovulation/conception way of working it all out - particularly books that show scanned pictures of baby development.
Are you pregnant??

kittypower Thu 11-Aug-05 10:36:33

I'm not sure if I am or not at the moment. I am 10 days late so far and have sore boobs, neither of which I have ever had before. My partner is away for a week so I don't want to do a test until he gets back so we can find out together. it's making me a bit nervous! I just wanted to know how to work out how pregnant I could be, if I am! Thanks for your help..

throckenholt Thu 11-Aug-05 10:42:16

getting on for 6 weeks if you have a regular 4 week cycle.

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