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prolactin anyone know what it is? and advice on...

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bean77 Wed 10-Aug-05 17:26:41

Just wondering if anyone knwos what PROLACTIN actualy does and for some general advice.Since coming of the pill last september I have olnly had one period,my doctor was concerned and sent me to see a gynaecologist,now im a nurse at a hospital which also uses the same compuer system as the hospital that my gynaecolgist uses, my appointment was in august and the gyna doctor told me to get the next avaliable appointment with her to discuss my blood results she said about 2 weeks should be fine,when i went to the desk to make my appointment they told me the nearest one was 23rd december, Ive since been realy bad and looked at my blood results those that are back seem okay but one called Prolactin has come back ring the lab for results, I dont know what to do now, as its worrying me about these abnormal results! I know that normaly when blood results say ring the lab it means there high!!! Any advice would be great

bundle Wed 10-Aug-05 19:01:48

Prolactin is a hormone, produced by the pituitary gland and although it's produced by both men and women, its main use is to stimulate the breast to produce breast milk in late pregnancy and continue production after birth. High prolactin levels can lead to menstrual irregularity and/or fertility problems. Many different types of drugs like antidepressants and painkillers can increase the amount of prolactin, but sometimes no cause is found for increased levels.

sarahlou123 Wed 10-Aug-05 20:32:43

just a few weeks before i fell pregnant with my litle boy i also had some bloods taken as we'd been trying to conceive for a year. the doctor said my prolactin levels were a little bit raised, he didn't really explain what it could mean apart from it sometimes makes it a little harder to conceive. as i conceived proabaly only a week after he told me this i wasn't worried about it. sorry i cant be much help but i'm just really writing to say that even with raised prolactin levels it is still possible to conceive ok.
hth a bit
luv sarahlou and korey (15 weeks)

bean77 Thu 11-Aug-05 23:00:11

Thanks very much for your advice and hopefully it was just raised because I was a little stressed and worried and Ive been told this can increase the levels, thanks once again

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