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Affordable pg tests?

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lunavix Wed 10-Aug-05 14:55:04

It's probably wishful thinking but the last week or so I've been knackered with v sore chest so I'd imagine it's either pg or af!!!

Really worried I'm going to start going mad buying pg tests and they aren't cheap, where can you get decent cheaper ones?

munz Wed 10-Aug-05 14:55:57

ebay and wilkos do 2 for £1.99.

Nbg Wed 10-Aug-05 14:56:25

poundland or wilkinsons for about £2.

lunavix Wed 10-Aug-05 14:56:27

are they any good though?

Nbg Wed 10-Aug-05 14:57:24

I have heard loads of Mnettrs say how fantastic the poundland ones are.

munz Wed 10-Aug-05 14:57:44

wilkos ones r I found, as are the ebay ones I had a pos result on them 2 days b4 AF was due 9.30 at night. not sure which make on call I think.

swiperfox Wed 10-Aug-05 14:59:04

I've just bought one in savers for 3.99 - and it worked lol

they had some others for a 99p!!

munz Wed 10-Aug-05 15:00:10

and swiper- the answer is??? come on i'm dyign to know!

swiperfox Wed 10-Aug-05 15:03:37

very much positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lunavix Wed 10-Aug-05 15:04:11


munz Wed 10-Aug-05 15:07:29


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