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hello & some advice/info please :D

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sarahlou123 Mon 08-Aug-05 21:04:51

i'm new on here but wondered if you could give me some advice. i'm not sure if i'm writing this in the right section so sorry if not.
basically my first baby boy is 14 weeks old and me and dh are hoping to try for #2 asap. i had to have emergency c-section with korey after a failed 4 day induction and because he was 9lbs 1oz and i'm only 4'11" i've been told i will probably need another section which doesnt bother me. i'm fully breastfeeding korey still and intend on carrying on for a while but as we want another baby i'm not sure that it will be very easy to get pregnant again.
i haven't had a period since 13th july 2004 but they used to be regular arriving on 13th every month and lasting 5-6 days.(sorry if tmi)
can anyone tell me how i can work out if i'm ovulating? also do you ovulate when breastfeeding? any advice would be great. also how long should we wait before ttc #2 cos of me having a section? and as we will probably only have one more baby it would be nice if we could increase our chances of conceiving a girl but obviously we wouldn't mind either sex as long as the baby is healthy.
any advice or info on any of this would be great
luv sarahlou and baby korey xx

robinia Mon 08-Aug-05 21:20:23

You can ovulate when breastfeeding - generally doesn't happen for a few months if exclusively bf. If you ovulate a period will follow approx 14 days later, unless of course you conceive (which is what happened to me with ds1 - no periods and then fell pregnant with him at around 9 months post dd's birth).

If you search the mumsnet boards there are a few threads on influencing the sex of the baby.

I'm no expert on CS but a friend told me she was advised to wait a year before ttc.

bubble99 Mon 08-Aug-05 22:53:01

Hi sarahlou and welcome to mnet

I'm also TTC (trying to conceive) again asap. My baby boy is nearly six months old and I'm BF, though he has recently started solids. I had what I thought was my first period last Friday but it was very light and only lasted for a day. You can get pregnant while BF but what usually happens is that you go straight into the next PG (pregnancy) without knowing, as you haven't had a period.

Good luck. Come and join us over on the 'Conception' area. I'm on the TTC a May/June baby board and I'd love to know how you're doing.

Love Bubble XX

bubble99 Mon 08-Aug-05 22:54:48

Just realised you are already on the conception board. Blame it on my poor sleep-deprived brain.

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