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Am not ovulating....not entitled to fertility help on nhs...what next

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bootus Thu 13-May-10 11:55:23

I'm just back from GP, been given results of my bloods (as recommended by kind folk on this page). The blood test to indicate polycystic ovaries showed a slight invertion of hormones (sorry cant remember what they are...) but not as high as they normally are if you are a sufferer. But the progesterone levels indicated I'm not ovulating, was 1....apparently very very low. Wont bore everyone with background as already been on here before but have a ds already, my miracle baby, and because of him am not entitled to fertility help on nhs, we cant afford to go private and am assuming the next step is clomid etc....can anyone point me in the right directon?

Ellie78 Thu 13-May-10 12:10:09

Hi Bootus

Haven't seen your previous posts but wonder if you have had your prolactin levels and LH/FSH checked?
Also - we are trying for number 2 and have just been referred on the NHS after 10 months. As far as I understand it if your bloods show an abnormality you are entitled to a referral but obviously don't know your background. Don't know how long you have been trying or how your cycles are but you might want to kick up a fuss at least to have some more bloods done.
Good luck and keep us posted

oopsandbabycoconut Thu 13-May-10 12:16:08

Bootus - you should be entilited to a referral to your local fertility clinic for a diagnosis but may not be eligible for IUI/IVF if you already have one child depending on where you are in the postcode lottery.

bootus Thu 13-May-10 14:35:06

thanks both of you for taking the time to reply....basically prior to falling pg with ds my cycle was very erratic and I was diagnosed with a hormone imbalance and "mild" polycystic ovaries. I was told by someone on here that there isnt really such a thing as "mild" pcos and as I said the results today are not really indicative of it despite a slight inversion of the hormone levels. Anyway, back then I was referred to a fertility specialist but got pg while waiting, obviously didnt ever follow it up. We are now ready for no2 and my cycle has been all over the place (anywhere between 42 and 80 ish days). My gp referred me for full bloods and I think i had the LH/FSH levels tested...?? I had bloods taken on day 4 and day 28 (due to long cycle?) these revealed the low progesterone. Thyroid, anaemia etc all fine. I live in hertfordshire/nw london so I dont know if anyone can help me with nhs info. I wasnt expecting anything along the lines of IVF on nhs (tho am hoping it wouldnt get to that!) but I kinda assumed naievly that investigations would be covered? Can I ask where you live Ellie78?

oopsandbabycoconut Thu 13-May-10 16:32:22

Bootus - I would be cheeeky and say if you have previously referred ring the clinic you were referred to and ask if you need a second referral or if you can just book in with them. I was referred, prescribed meds and hadtreatemnt and when we wanted number 2 I just rang the clinic directly and asked if another referral was needed and it wasn't as I was on their records already. It doesn't hurt to be cheeky

bootus Thu 13-May-10 16:51:49

2 problems with that oops....firstly ive moved in the interim so dont fall under the same hospital and and when they called to give me the appointement I told them I was pg so they took me off records....thanks for the idea tho!

twolittlemonkeys Thu 13-May-10 16:56:17

I'm surprised they won't refer you for eg Clomid treatment. I understand the rules regarding IVF etc if you already have a DC but I've just had fertility treatment (with Clomid) on NHS and am expecting DC3. They were fine about it. I'm in East Midlands. I know of someone who's pregnant with her 5th Clomid baby (all done under the NHS) I think she lives in Yorkshire now. All I had to pay was prescription charge x2 for drugs to make me OV and Clomid.

hellymelly Thu 13-May-10 16:58:36

Also worth having some accupuncture,might help.

NightLark Thu 13-May-10 17:02:23

I'd try a different GP, as twolittlemonkeys said, IVF is one thing (and you almost certainly won't qualify for that on the NHS if you already have a child), but other, cheaper forms of fertility treatment are usually more widely available. I was in line for clomid for concieving #2, if I had't fallen pregnant just before my appointment!

Failing your GP, I'd contact your local PCT and ask what their policy is.

bootus Thu 13-May-10 18:56:02

Great, thankyou all so much, I will go and see another gp.....can I just ask what the time frame; how long do you need to be ttc before they refer you?

Ellie78 Thu 13-May-10 22:54:21

Hi Bootus

We are in Hampshire. My doctor told me that we would need to have been trying 12 months for an NHS referral but had no problem with this. However if you do have blood tests that might indicate something is amiss it might be worth pushing for a referral earlier - a few MNers have assured me that is perfectly acceptable. We actually went private and had an initial appt with a consultant who has now recommended a course of action but also requested my GP refers on the NHS at the same time so that we can follow up. So we paid up for that appointment but hopefully now can see him on the NHS so not going to cost us a fortune in tests etc. Might be worth considering? I would also check your LH/FSH as these can give clues if you are not ovulating. For example mine are low which indicates that it could be due to hyperprolactinaemia, where your body produces too much prolactin - which in turn can lead to infertility.
Anyway - very best of luck and hope that you get some answers soon.

puddock Fri 14-May-10 08:34:32

As other posters have said, although you won't have e.g. IVF funded to help conceive a second child, you are - sice you clearly have PCOS and limited ovulation - entitled to a NHS referral to a gynaecologist in a fertility clinic to treat this. IME, Clomid and ovarian drilling were offered to me on NHS with DC2; for anything else it would have been private. Might vary a bit according to PCT.
Referral is generally after TTC for a year (less if you're over 35), but I'd say with a known condition like PCOS, you could reasonable ask for a referral after 9 months or so.

NAW12 Mon 12-Sep-11 21:18:06

Hi. I hope someone has some light for me!! I have been ttc for about 18months and have had several tests/scans and verything is okay except a diagnosed Bicornuate Uterus. The doc said this shouldnt have affected my fertility as i already have a 5 year old son. He was a very big surprise so didn't expect any issues this time round!! Other than that they have left it as unexplained infertility. I have very irregular mc (between 31 and 50 days). I am not entitled to see a specialist at a fertility clinic as in the postcode lottery I already have a son. Will I be able to get Clomid prescribed from my GP? They never offered blood tests to see if I am ovulating and never mentioned clomid!!

Thank you

MiniH Tue 13-Sep-11 20:48:56

Bootus - on the cycle you had the day 21 test done what was your cycle length? See you've got up to 80 day cycles so day 28 could be still too early. As others have said, should be able to get clomid even if ineligible for ivf - we can't have ivf as our pct only offers to those aged 39 (even if you have no kids). Could have had clomid though but no use for me as am ovulating.

NAW - I'd get ovulation bloods checked first before asking for clomid as it's no use if you're already ovulating.

NAW12 Tue 13-Sep-11 22:38:37

Ok, Thank you. I will ask for those tomorrow when I go. I'm not sure if it would feel better is I was ovulating or not?!! I suppose if I wasn't then clomid is an option. what do they do next if you are? Whats your net steps? Thank you once again.

MiniH Thu 15-Sep-11 08:48:37

Naw- if you are ovulating then not a lot they can do except check your tubes, which can led to slight boost in fertility even if not blocked. Our issue is dh's SA but because can't get help for assisted on nhs have to go private so have my hycosy next week to check tubes and then have to decide if keep trying naturally or go for private assisted.

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