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popadums Wed 03-Aug-05 17:57:54

After a year on Clomid and 2 failed attempts of IUI, my wife has been geting a 'gripping/shooting' pain in her lower right belly. They are so bad sometimes that it takes her breath away and puts her to the floor!
The specialist on the NHS (or receptionist rather!)says that because the last IUI was 2 weeks ago, it could be anything and to go to our GP!
Has anyone experienced these pains and know what they could be??

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MrsGordonRamsay Wed 03-Aug-05 18:01:47

Sorry no idea

Hopefully their will be someone along soon who can help.

Though I have to say if the pain is that severe she really should go and see her GP.

MrsGordonRamsay Wed 03-Aug-05 18:35:51


Twiglett Wed 03-Aug-05 18:50:53

is this a new pain just started? if so I'd go to A&E just to be on the safe side

or at the very least call NHS direct and see what the nurses advise 0845 46 47

Rachee Mon 29-Aug-05 23:13:45

What's the outcome ?????

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