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can a chemical pregnancy mess up your cycle?

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lilysma Sun 09-May-10 09:26:49

Anyone had experience of this? I had a very brief chemical pregnancy last cycle (AF only a day late, but I had a BFP two days before that). This cycle has gone very wierd.

From a charting point of view, first it took ages for my temps to go below the coverline (10 days) and now they are stubbornly sitting below normal levels (i.e. at 36.2 when they normally only go down there for a day and then up to 36.4/5 for 5 days or so before ovulation). I'm having patches of fertile CM but only for a day or so and then it goes off for a day.

I'm on CD 18 when I normally ovulate CD 14 and not a whisper of an LH surge.

Is this looking like an anovulatory cycle? Could the chemical pregnancy have caused this? Seems odd as it was so short lived and AF only a day late. Am disappointed as I had consoled myself with the idea that I would be more fertile this month having conceived last month but it seems not so for me sad.

carrieboo75 Sun 09-May-10 09:58:03

Yes it can mess it up. Some times the hormones can take a while to settle back down and therefore so does your cycle.

carrieboo75 Sun 09-May-10 10:07:27

I have had 2 early losses in last 2 years one at 6 weeks and 1 at 6 1/2 weeks. First time it took a year to settle (even meds did not work) but I had been having trouble before I concieved. Second time it only messed up one cycle (cycle had been previously fine that time).

I thought it was the third month of trying people were generally more fertile. Two out of three of mine were third monthers. Third month is when IVF tends to be most successful.

Fingers crossed for you for next month

lilysma Sun 09-May-10 11:04:01

Thanks Carrie. I guess its just a waiting game. I can understand how MC at 6 weeks would mess things up cost you've had 2 weeks of HCG, but I wouldn't only a day or two of it to make such a difference...hmm

Still, I like the 'more fertile in the third month idea'. Anything that gives us hope I guess grin

xkatyx Sun 09-May-10 11:22:55

Hi lilysma, i had a CP too literally 2 days of BFP then day after AF was due started to bleed. My next period was late 5 days) im usually clock work, and this cycle we are TTC i think i ovulated earlier.

I used to ovulation sticks to see as i was confussed.

Good luck

lilysma Sun 09-May-10 11:51:31

Thanks, your chemical pregnancy sounds just like mine and I'm 4 days late ovulating and counting. Still TTC though - did you not in the first cycle following EP?

carrieboo75 Sun 09-May-10 15:21:31

Forgot to say with ds1 and ds2 first month AF arrived 2 days early (very regular 35 days normally), second month 5 days late,third month preg. Hadn't done a test each time so can't say 100% but it was always our theory that both times I had a chemical preg in month 1.

xkatyx Sun 09-May-10 17:10:21

No i didn't i thought i would have the bleed (or AF ) and give my body a chance to sort it self out, so waited for my next AF to come which was 5 days late!!!

When i finally did come it stopped on the Sat and i had a positive for my ovulation stick on the Tuesday so ovulated early this month, and just waiting to see if we have a baby :-) 6 days and counting till AF is dude (im sooo hoping it doesnt) sad

I'm not sure if the CP mucked me up or not but i shall soon find out.


LittleSilver Sun 09-May-10 19:31:59

lilysma, hi there, just read and whilst I don't know for certain I reckon it could well knock your cycle off kilter. Sorry for your loss sad

lilysma Sun 09-May-10 21:01:52

Thanks everyone. Watch and wait as usual I guess...

Good luck xkatyx!

Samantha0104 Wed 08-Jun-11 06:24:35


Sorry everyone, I know its hard

I had a m/c december 2009, when I found out at my 8 week scan I didnt want to hear much from the nurse so have sort of been guessing ever since, from my research I would say that I suffered a chemical pregnancy. Obviously I'm no doctor but I know my own body.
Since then my periods have been all over the place and having been nearly 18 months now I am just about to start using Clomid to try ovulate regularly.

I think you just have to really keep an eye on whats going on at the moment and be straight with your GP to try and get some help asap.

Hope this helps...x

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