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The Mirena coil

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dabihp Mon 01-Aug-05 15:48:42

I would like to have this fitted, but only dilated to 3cm with dd2!

I tried to have it fitted after dd1 (csection, no labour) but doc couldnt get it in...

What do u think my chances are now?

Anyone have one without going through labour?

Toothache Mon 01-Aug-05 15:59:36

Dabhip - My friend only got to 2cm with her first.... then an elective section with her 2nd. She had the Mirena fitted, but they had to order in a special tool and they gave her a local anaesthetic. She said it was quick and painless and loves her Mirena.

Jen1209 Mon 01-Aug-05 19:57:18

Hi Dabihp

I had one fitted without labour and found it ok until it worked its way out and I was getting contractions every month as it got stuck in my cervix and it was trying to work its way out. However, my doc said that was quite rare (I have to be different ) and I know loads of people who have one and are very happy with it.

Sorry to sound a bit scary but wanted to let you know that I had one fitted without labour first!

Good luck with yours, sure it will be fine for you!

anchovies Mon 01-Aug-05 20:01:59

I had mine put in before I'd even been pg (got pg with it in but that's another story!) It hurt a bit but nothing too drastic!

nailpolish Mon 01-Aug-05 20:02:48

hi i have a coil (not a mirena, a copper one that means you dont have any of the hormones) and although i didnt opt for it i was offered a general anaesthetic! maybe that could be an option for you, dunno if it would help though

Furball Mon 01-Aug-05 20:03:02

I've got one - had it 3 years and I didn't go through labour. Didn't know it really mattered and I wasn't told they had to order in different equipment and I unfortunately wasn't given a local anaesthetic! I was just told to take a couple of painkillers an hour before my appointment. Fitting is a tad uncomfortable/painfull but worth it.

Furball Mon 01-Aug-05 20:04:21

nailpolish - A general

Furball Mon 01-Aug-05 20:05:15

sorry, as in anaesthetic.

nailpolish Mon 01-Aug-05 20:10:55

i know - unreal, isnt it

didnt even have a local myself, found it wasnt too bad, just like a couple of 'nips' and it was fine. (hard as nails, me ) had pain for 3-4 days, like bad period pain, but i was given painkillers by them which i took

what im trying to say is, it was fine and totally worth it

would recommend the copper one, definitely

dabihp, maybe it would be better with a different doc too, i think they are better if they have more experience, usually docs in family planning clinics are better than gp's cos its a day to day thing with them, dunno if you went to your gp's or not, just an idea

dabihp Mon 01-Aug-05 20:23:50

dont u get heavier periods with the copper one?
and with mirena they go away?

nailpolish Mon 01-Aug-05 20:25:36

dont know about that, but my periods are the same as they have always been, not light but not too heavy, and quite short. not painful either, but i suppose everyone is different. i just didnt like the idea of all those synthetic hormones (didnt do well on the pill etc)

Sarahx2005 Tue 02-Aug-05 18:30:19

Hi, I have the Mirena for a year before I had my third baby (conceived straight away after having it removed) and then for four years after he was born and conceived again easily after having it removed.
I would recommend it. It's not like the old fashioned coil and because it has the hormone in it's much more effective and I had not PMT and hardly any periods! I used to have a bit of spotting maybe every 6 weeks and then nothing for a while.
I think it's brilliant - it's as effective as sterilisation while it's in, I had no problems having it fitted.
It's often used for menopausal women who are having very heavy periods as it virtually stops them!
Sarah x

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