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I could be pregnant

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malinki Mon 01-Aug-05 07:55:28

Hi, haven't been around in nearly a year. Currently been having sub-fertility treatment at LGI in Leeds. Being on Metformin for the past 6 months and lost just over 1 stone without even trying. Now on 1st cycle of clomid had ultrasounds on days 10, 14, 16, 18 & 20 and they told me that due to the thickness of the lining of my womb, I ovulated for the 1st time in nearly 5 years on day 19, lucky for us, we had sex on days 14, 16, 18 & 19 (couldn't resist), so had a big smile on my face when I went for scan on day 20.
The thing is I am an old dog at this, had daughter 5 years ago on Metformin, Clomid, Synarel nasal spray and various Lap & Dyes and Ovarian drilling.
Its the waiting I'm not good at, sure I have back ache, dark circles under my eyes and every time I cough or sneeze I go to the loo, expecting to have started, I'm due on Wednesday to start cycle again, but I can't sleep, I'm horrible to live with, worse than ever before DH is thinking he might move into spare room, I'm sarcastic all the time and I don't want DH within a mile of me. HELP!!!
Also been having bad dreams about babies the last 3/4 nights and I don't know if this is mind games with me thinking so much about it. Yesterday went on a bike ride, and we stopped on the way home for an ice-cream, my nipples felt like someone was burning off the ends, my husband said that he thought that it might be friction on my nipples from my bra, I am tired and for some strange reason, feel the cold alot more this week than ever before, maybe its me, but I feel awful, no sickness but you know when you want to burp (sorry I am a lady) and you can't, I feel like that, like a full feeling.

malinki Mon 01-Aug-05 08:04:59

Sorry I forgot to mention I am a PCOS sufferer, they found it 10 years ago, so hopefully having had 1 child already, may bring hope to those desp ttc!!, also suffered with endometriosis and a blocked tube. I think that was all, oh and I was 17 stone as well, now 14.5 stone and tits still hurting this morning, not aching, hurting!!!

Toothache Mon 01-Aug-05 08:20:51

Morning Malinki, I really hope you are. When can you test?

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