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Transverse pg

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biglips Sun 31-Jul-05 21:27:40

im not pg btw!

i had a transverse pg till i was 37-ish weeks and suddenly babas head was engaged. Just before i was due, midwife said "babas head engaged and could be any day" but her feet was always kicking me on the left side of my ribs but i thought no more of it as i knew she was gonna be a big baby. i went in to be induced after i was 12 day late, after 17 hours labour the midwife realised that baba was back to back and facing the wrong way (she was facing to my left), so i ended up having an emergency c-section.

what is the chance of me having this transverse pg again? (im hoping to have a natural birth) as the surgeons said that its down to the Father if babies are in the wrong position (babas half sis was back to back too)

biglips Sun 31-Jul-05 21:50:01


milward Sun 31-Jul-05 21:52:18

my dd2 was transverse & then moved to footling breech. My dd3 was breech until 32 weeks then went head down. Don't know yet for ds4. Just suppose it's how the baby feels most comfy.

biglips Sun 31-Jul-05 22:03:06


biglips Sun 31-Jul-05 23:22:22


biglips Mon 01-Aug-05 08:13:32


Fran1 Mon 01-Aug-05 08:17:26

??why is it down to the father is that a joke??

biglips Mon 01-Aug-05 08:23:53

no the surgeons was serious as we mentioned that DP was also back 2 back, and surgeon said that its down to the father (meaning it is in his gene that the babas are back to back).. i just said "oh ok!"

CarolinaMoon Mon 01-Aug-05 10:21:04


back to back positioning is usually put down to the mother's habits in pg - if you spend a lot of time sitting down at work, driving, sitting on a sofa at home etc, the fact that you're leaning back slightly will encourage the baby to swing round so that its back is against yours. If you sit upright or with your weight slightly forwards instead (e.g. on a birthing ball, or kneel down and lean over the ball), it's more likely that your baby's back will stay at the front of the bump.

If you google "optimal foetal positioning" you will find a lot of stuff about this and about transverse lie.

KiwiKate Mon 01-Aug-05 11:35:36

Yes, I second what CM says. Heaps of info on the net about how you can achieve optimal featal positioning (exercises, posture, sitting leaning forward etc). Antenatal yoga or antenatal aqua classes also teach these techniques

biglips Mon 01-Aug-05 11:54:19

well i used to work in a claims depts and it involved alot of sitting on the chair and same to babas half sis mum too as she works in a sols.. i ll have a look on the website about it


biglips Mon 01-Aug-05 11:55:02

BUT the problem was that i or midwife didnt know that baba was back to back

i know next time

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