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How soon for baby number 2 after caesarean?

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oliveoil Wed 02-Jul-03 09:58:55

I had a caesarean in October and was advised by the hospital to wait at least 2 years before even getting pregnant again, never mind giving birth, my body has to heal apparently. I was going to plan (mother nature obliging!) to have another child sooner, maybe gettting pregnant this year?

Has anyone else had similar/conflicting advise?

mears Wed 02-Jul-03 10:00:58

This really is a blanket statement oliveoil. I have seen many women become pregnant well within that timescale and deliver without problems, both planned and unplanned

SamboM Wed 02-Jul-03 10:18:50

Oliveoil, I had a ceaseran in September last year and they told me to wait a year. I would question it.

fio2 Wed 02-Jul-03 10:32:52

they told me to wait 9-12months after mine, my dd was 13months when I fell pregnant and I had no problems at all.

oliveoil Wed 02-Jul-03 10:55:07

Oooooh good, will inform dh our plans for later then!

SamboM Wed 02-Jul-03 11:02:14

I would check with your doc/hosp though in case there was a special reason in your case.

oliveoil Wed 02-Jul-03 11:08:02

Not aware of any special reason, no probs in pregnancy and birth itself was fine until the last hour when it was like an episode of ER (from my perspective) but apparently it was a textbook emergency section (dd in distress) and the midwives afterwards said I would be able to have a 'normal' birth in future and not necessarily a section again.

morocco Wed 02-Jul-03 13:07:36

I also had a c section in October. I last saw my obs a month ago and she asked when she would see me again with the next pregnancy so she obviously didn't think it was a problem even trying now!

Bobsmum Wed 02-Jul-03 13:12:34

SamboM - snap! c-section last September! Was also told to wait "at least a year".
(Very clucky at the moment though and bought pg test last week very hopefully after missing a pill by mistake. But no - I'll try to be patient)

Weesy Wed 02-Jul-03 17:31:58

I fell pregnant after a caesarean when my baby was only 6 weeks old. The age gap was exactly 10 months & 12 days & I had no problem at all with the 2nd Pregnancy or caesar. It is hard though to be pregnant with a baby.

monkey Wed 02-Jul-03 19:24:52

I was told to wait a year, but just couldn't. i waited 9 months, conceived straight away and had no problems at all. 2 years seems an enormous time to wait, especially if you'd particularly want a smaller age gap, which we did.

I'd agree with sambom & check though, just in case.

crazynow Thu 03-Jul-03 09:03:52

I had a c/s and was told by the dr to wait at least 2yrs, but when I came out of hospital a mw said "I'll see you in 18 months with your 2nd baby".

I think it just depends on the indiviual on how your feel and how well your body heals, eveyone is different.

My god weesy - 6 weeks after a c/s, if that had been me I would have been pulling my hair out!!

oliveoil Thu 03-Jul-03 12:04:45

6 weeks!

vaseline Thu 03-Jul-03 16:07:39

Just found out I'm pregnant - #1 baby was born 10 months ago after emergency c-section.

does the scar hurt at all during pregnancy?

wondering how I'm going to manage with two mini-kids...!

fio2 Thu 03-Jul-03 16:22:22

mine didnt hurt at all, my 2nd preg was 13 months after so not much difference with yours

Frogling Thu 03-Jul-03 22:31:52

My second baby is due in 5 weeks time, and I had my dd in May last year by emergency caesarean, so only had five months between having her and getting pregnant again.
My scar hasn't hurt at all during this pregnancy, and my obst. assures me all will be okay regarding the timescales. I know different health authorities advise waiting different lengths of time after a caesarean, so there doesn't seem to be a specific medical consensus on it.

Ghosty Thu 03-Jul-03 23:57:26

My hat goes off to Weesy ... surely the smallest age gap on Mumsnet?? I went to school with a bloke whose sister was 10 months younger than him ... luckily they were in different year groups.
BTW ... I was told to wait a year by my m/w and doctor.

badjelly Fri 04-Jul-03 09:56:28

I was also told to wait "at least" 2 years but maybe that was because they didn't make the cut big enough and the edges tore a little bit?
My neighbour wasn't told anything at all and seemed shocked when I said I had to wait that long.

Weesy Fri 04-Jul-03 11:09:45

My scar didn't hurt at all even though it only had 6 weeks to heal. But I did find the pregnancy harder than the first - having such a small gap really took its toll on my body. I feel so much better now (and dd2 is only 5 weeks!) than I did in the last few months of the pregnancy.
BTW my doc. did tell me that there was a higher chance of miscarriage and of premature labour having fallen pregnant so soon after the birth, but I had no problems whatsoever. They didn't even treat it as a special pregnancy.

eidsvold Sat 05-Jul-03 20:48:40

I was told like a number of other people here to wait a year after emergency Caeserean last August.

kaz33 Sat 05-Jul-03 20:54:42

Weesy - what date was your daughter born? My DS2 was 30 May this year ( 5 weeks + 1 day ). How are you coping with your two ? The age gap between mine is 23 months.

sparkle Sat 05-Jul-03 21:09:17

I was told to wait 6 months before gettin pregnant again. Odd how there's so much conflicting advice out there though.

happyspider Sat 05-Jul-03 22:22:41

I had a c-section 3 and a half weeks ago and was told to wait at least a year before conceiving again. 2 Years seems an awful long time.

Guess also depends on your experience with the c-section. A friend of mine had an infection after a cesaerean and some of the internal stitches came undone. She was told to wait 2 years as it would have been dangerous for her to fall pg again.

EE Wed 16-Jul-03 15:00:43

I had a C Section last Dec and was told to wait minimum 18 months. I too want to start trying again sooner (now!). Any thoughts/opinions as to elective C-Section vs Trying the natural way again!? Is Elective C-Section easier recovery than Emergency?

morocco Sun 20-Jul-03 10:24:20

I'm now pregnant 9 months after my c section and all my obs had to say was that it was good it was so soon because it was better to have my children (relatively ) young cos I have problems with high blood pressure - no mention of probs at all

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