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Fern testing with PCOS - Does it work??

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runtus Fri 29-Jul-05 14:49:19

Hi - I have diagnosed PCOS and have had various treatements, most recently a lap & dye with ovarian drilling. I was wondering whether it would be worth me trying too spot ovulating using a saliva fern testing kit I have in the back of a drawer?

Would it be a waste of time, as I know the OPK don't work with PCOS?? Not sure if it would affect this type of testing too??

Any help appreciated.

WigWamBam Fri 29-Jul-05 14:51:39

Can't see why it wouldn't as it's based on mucus and not on hormones.

MeerkatsUnite Fri 29-Jul-05 15:19:17

Hi Runtus,

Would not bother using the ferning test either. If blood tests are offered have those instead, much more reliable all round.

Have you been followed up yet post op?. You ought to be seen within a month after diathermy.

runtus Fri 29-Jul-05 16:09:40

I have a blood test booked for day 21 but as I have my period when the op was done, I have to wait til my next period and then that day 21....if that makes sense. Due to start clomid again on that cycle too.

Just wondered if I would be able to see if i ov this cycle too?

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