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faint positive, am i then?

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keepingitsecret Thu 28-Jul-05 20:16:42

I am sure i know the answer to this really but need to be reassured that a faint positive is a definate positive no matter whether it is faint or not? Any insight would be great!

skerriesmum Thu 28-Jul-05 20:17:46

You can have false negatives but not false positives, so ... congratulations!

Blossomhill Thu 28-Jul-05 20:18:17

I am sure that a line is a line however faint. So is a positive. Congratulations

spidermama Thu 28-Jul-05 20:19:33

A line is a line is a line. Congrats.

keepingitsecret Thu 28-Jul-05 20:19:48

I did the test then took a shower, the positive came up after a couple of minutes, does that still count as a positive?

WigWamBam Thu 28-Jul-05 20:19:55

Yep, a positive is a positive is a positive.


keepingitsecret Thu 28-Jul-05 20:22:32

Thanks for the replies, io am gobsmacked, we tried desperately for four months, got disheartened about it so just went with the flow and didn;t bother to BD at the 'right times' and hey presto this is the result

munz Thu 28-Jul-05 20:24:26

so come on who r u???
congrats, and when r u due??

keepingitsecret Thu 28-Jul-05 20:26:38

I am due on the 4th April, i am a long time mumsnetter though i only post a couple of times a week, I am keeping my identitity a secret as my SIL comes on here, and i want to tell her the good news in person as she is a good friend!!

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