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LittleStarsweeper Thu 28-Jul-05 15:16:17

I had a consultation with this private clinic at the end of May and planned ahead around holidays etc that we would go ahead with embryo replacement on a natural cycle around August. I today rang in to give first day of cycle so that they could book me in for scans in August and have now been told that they cant fit me in and can I wait till next month! I am really down. My DH is whining on about staffing holidays and bye the way I am suposed to be going to his works BBQ this afternoon. Frankly I am not up to it which has cheesed him off even more. I am the wrong side of 40 and feel dreadlfully let down and cant even think straight. The house is a mess and SS is due up tomorrow for the weekend which will put all halt on any chat I can have about the whole situation. Sorry for the rant.

sansouci Thu 28-Jul-05 15:25:58

oh, i'm so sorry, littlestars. What a dreadful disappointment! they won't do the same thing again next month, i hope! Does your dh's staffing holidays have any relation to your ivf treatment? if not, let him moan away & say yes, dear, no, dear where appropriate. He prob doesn't understand because you can still have it done next month, which is a logical reaction, whereas your reaction is much more emotional & i totally sympathise with you.
I got pg with ds at 40... there is no wrong side as long as you haven't had the menopause. Forget about the messy house and chat away until SS (whoever that may be!) arrives.

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