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Anyone Knowledegable on Temping Please?

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maddyd Tue 26-Jul-05 19:06:33

Do anyone know anything about temps. I know they peak at ovulation but what happens next, do they drop or stay raised untill your af comes or do they stay raised if you are pg?

Nightynight Tue 26-Jul-05 19:09:18

crumbs - I thought you meant temporary secretarial work, maddy!
You should be able to get charts at your local family planning clinic, you plot your temperature and they tell you what to expect.

anchovies Tue 26-Jul-05 19:10:10

They peak after ovulation then should go back down. If they stay up it can mean you're pg. explains everything you could ever want to know!

maddyd Tue 26-Jul-05 19:11:06

made me giggle Nightynight. Thought you would have known by the conception heading

munz Tue 26-Jul-05 19:11:31

have u tried fertility

rom's excellent for temping she helped me out with mine, the temps stayed at base level b4 OV then rose for 3 days to show OV had occured then stayed high after OV, then dipped on about CD23 ish then back up the next day which was the implantation apparently. def look at fertility friend thou.

maddyd Tue 26-Jul-05 19:12:00

oooh Butterflies Anchovies, they are definatley staying high. Fingers crossed xxxxx

maddyd Tue 26-Jul-05 19:12:38

Thanks Munz mate. Gotta have dinner and then will look.

munz Tue 26-Jul-05 19:18:53

np hon, mine went from 36.8 (ish) to 36.4 ish then back up the day after for implantation, so hopefully (althou I don't think rom had so much of a dip)

maddyd Tue 26-Jul-05 19:54:25

Ok my average temp is quite low around 36.2 but today it is 36.9 or 98.3 that coupled with the test this morning is giving me high hopes. Please not let it be false hopes. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

ZoeC Tue 26-Jul-05 19:57:56

Mine would peak just around ovulation, stay high until af then drop just before af actually started (so I generally knew just when I was due).

Good luck.

maddyd Tue 26-Jul-05 19:59:47

Hopes now plummeting oh what a rollercaoster this is

munz Tue 26-Jul-05 20:01:45

don't give up babe - still wana see u on the march thread as well!

throckenholt Tue 26-Jul-05 20:04:27

they peak at ovulation (or just after), and stay high until your period starts (or just before). They will stay high if you are pregnant, and may even increase (triphasic).

LunarSea Tue 26-Jul-05 23:29:55

maddyd - you think yours are low? Mine are a pretty constant 35.2 pre OV. I'm either an ice maiden, or suffering from permanent hypothermia!

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