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pigleychez Sun 24-Jul-05 20:57:50

About 2 weeks ago i started having symptoms of sore
boobs, headaches, tiredness and grumbly belly.This was
about a week before my AF, so i was wondering if these
were pregnancy symptoms. However AF arrived one day
late but only lasted for 2 days instead of my usual
4/5 days. I am now wondering if this could of been
implantation bleeding or something as i am still( a week later)feeling extremerly tired, having headaches/light headedness, backache
and strange grumbly belly thats worse in the morning.
What do you think?

hunkermunker Sun 24-Jul-05 20:58:34

So is AF late now?

Sounds like it could have been implantation, but the only way to be sure is to test. Good luck!

nicmum2boys Mon 25-Jul-05 21:54:21

I had something similar with DS2, 1 day of bleeding day period was due, then nothing. 5 days after I did a test and got a nice strong +ve. The only way to know for sure is to do a test. Are you currently trying?

pigleychez Tue 26-Jul-05 19:47:51

Weve not been trying but hey if it does happen it woudnt be the end of the world!
Still feeling the same now just over a week since my bleed (period?)
Did you have an symptoms with your pregnancy?

Mud Tue 26-Jul-05 19:48:51

is there a reason you haven't taken a test?

pigleychez Tue 26-Jul-05 19:50:50

Dont want to worry my boyfriend yet plus i dont think he thinks the same as me. Thinks its just a bug or something.

Mud Tue 26-Jul-05 19:53:20

stuff him its not his body. i would test if I were you so that you know for sure although i get the impreession you're quite enjoying the thought you might be so don't want to find out your not

pigleychez Tue 26-Jul-05 20:07:03

Part of me would love to test but i wouldnt want to do it without him. Im not convinced enough that i am pregnant to pluck up the courage yet but yes i would like to be!

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