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babysbreath Wed 31-Mar-10 19:44:06


I'm thinking about having another child - I have one 2.5 year old already and I'm now 41!

What was your age when you had your latest child?

Juggling the idea of going or not going for it!

kalo12 Wed 31-Mar-10 21:54:34

am 39 and wanting to ttc #2 but had 2mcs so now jittery. but i think keep going til it happens

liahgen66 Wed 31-Mar-10 21:56:01

I am 43 and we are ttc#6.

Go for it.

feetheart Wed 31-Mar-10 21:57:58

Was 40 when I had DD and 43 when I had DS. We just went for it with an 'if it happens it happens' attitude but were fully prepared for DD to be an only one.


aviatrix Wed 31-Mar-10 21:58:41

Message withdrawn

liahgen66 Wed 31-Mar-10 21:58:56

However, what I would say is don't dither too much as the later you leave it, the more difficult it may become. I am finding that out to my detriment now.

solo Wed 31-Mar-10 22:00:27

I was almost 43 when I had my Dd and if I'm lucky enough to meet the right man, I may very well have another and I'm 46...

Pollyanna Wed 31-Mar-10 22:00:53

I'm 39 and am ttc. Have just had a mc though which the dr put purely down to my age. very depressing.

gailforce1 Wed 31-Mar-10 22:04:12

aviatrix - were they First babies?

mrsmike Wed 31-Mar-10 22:07:25

I was 44 with 3rd baby.

latermater Wed 31-Mar-10 22:07:53

40 for first 41.5 for second - go for it all who are trying. Lost my nerve after that and worried about losing hard-won career, but now wish I'd tried for number 46.

kalo12 Wed 31-Mar-10 22:09:51

me too pollyanna

taffetacat Wed 31-Mar-10 22:18:10

Had my second at 39. When I was 40, my (female) GP suggested I have another. ( She has 4 herself). I didn't want any more but was interested in her opinion.

Have two friends who had their first at 42 and 44 respectively, tried for siblings with no joy.

Cadelaide Wed 31-Mar-10 22:19:17

Had our 3rd at 41.

It was my easiest pregnancy, I sailed through it.

hellymelly Wed 31-Mar-10 22:22:44

43,second baby.

jellybeans Wed 31-Mar-10 22:23:44

Know someone who was 47 and someone of 43 and 45.

CoteDAzur Wed 31-Mar-10 22:23:47

I was 38 with DC2. Easy conception, easy pregnancy.

Go for it smile

Fulham1 Wed 31-Mar-10 23:52:29

am 43, 11+4 pregnant with twins Had 4 mcs already though, no kids yet.

Curlylox Wed 31-Mar-10 23:56:09

Am 42 will be 43 in May and ttc DC3 (last DC, sniff), had a mc in February

TIBBYCHOP Thu 01-Apr-10 10:46:18

Hello, hope you don't mind me asking, but you ladies of a certain age who have had late children - did it happen naturally? I still live in hope after all these years, and I mean years! x

witchwithallthetrimmings Thu 01-Apr-10 11:00:18

Me conceived ds at 36 after 2 years of trying had all the tests, diagnosed as having unexplained sub fertilty and just booked first appointment at clinic when got pregnant. Conceived dd at 39 (almost 40) after 2-3 years of trying now diagnosed with unexplainded seconday sub fertility. Booked into get first shot of hormones after start of my next period. AND IT NEVER CAME yay. Am now almost 42 and dp is of the opionion that if we get another it would be great so while not trying am not using contraception either

SpanishLady Thu 01-Apr-10 12:42:13

this thread is so comforting to me - I am 35 and on second cycle of trying - just worried generally but as DH says its only because of my age as am not aware (touch wood) of any actual fetility issues.

londonlexi Thu 01-Apr-10 13:09:02

I had DD at 37 naturally but have struggled for siblings, had 3 m/c and am just about to embark on IVF (i'm 41 in May)

lucybrad Thu 01-Apr-10 13:24:43

i had twins at 33 (took 6 months) and now i am on cycle 8 for dc3 at 38 (started at 37). Am getting really anxious about it now, as not a glimmer. i have had bloods and hubby has had sperm test and all came back ok, but each month af arrives sad

taffetacat Thu 01-Apr-10 13:46:01

Had DS at 36 and DD at 39, with a miscarriage before both. I have PCOS but didn't have any interventions.

I was diagnosed at 18 and told I probably wouldn't have kids. Went through my whole adulthood assuming I wouldn't, when I met DH we thought we'd give it a try.

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