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If you were literally days pregnant, could you still get pmt??

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swiperfox Fri 22-Jul-05 18:06:28

Made a bit of a mistake the other night and am not sure when i'm due on but think it's very soon and for the last last two days have either had severe pmt or have become a psycho overnight!!

Nbg Fri 22-Jul-05 18:08:30

I still got period symptoms up until the 3rd or 4th month of pregnancy. Even the cramping which I found rather strange but was told it's completly normal.

Do you think you could be?

swiperfox Fri 22-Jul-05 18:09:28

I hope not!! I'll be in big trouble if I am!!

Nbg Fri 22-Jul-05 18:10:17

When is your AF due? Could you do a test or is too early?

swiperfox Fri 22-Jul-05 18:12:51

not sure. I messed up the pill halfway through last month. I feel like it's going to be around now...just got that feeling plus the psycho mood swings!! But only slep with dp on Tuesday night so I'm hoping it's much more likely to be pmt but am feeling a bit paranoid!

Nbg Fri 22-Jul-05 18:14:17

I think you'll be fine then.

I always know when mines coming because of the nasty moods and I become incredibly impatient.

Fingers crossed for you!

swiperfox Fri 22-Jul-05 18:15:04

Mine too!!!

One day I'll learn to be responsible with contraception lol

Nbg Fri 22-Jul-05 18:16:42

I've been saying that for years and never do anything about it, lol!
I've got a copper coil thats been sat in the medicine cupboard for a year now!

swiperfox Fri 22-Jul-05 18:18:26

I've been useless with the pill for as long as i can remember and for some bizarre reason only ever gotten pregnant when we'd planned it!! (thank god!!)

Nbg Fri 22-Jul-05 18:20:46


Sounds daft but I had a little panic myself today. I was running up the stairs and was sure my boobs ached as I ran up. I then sat thinking of the dates when we did it, lol!

swiperfox Fri 22-Jul-05 18:21:22

bless, sounds like me!!

Nbg Fri 22-Jul-05 18:25:44

Well I hope it all works out ok for you!

mummytosteven Fri 22-Jul-05 21:51:22

I had what I thought were PMT symptoms but was actually PG. (fingers crossed eh).

swiperfox Tue 02-Aug-05 19:09:15

Still scared!!!! lol

Donbean Tue 02-Aug-05 19:11:58

still no AF then swiper?

Distel Tue 02-Aug-05 19:14:04

Having the same thing. If i was pregnant, I would have concieved about 2 weeks ago when I had Diorreahha (sp?). Woke up last night thinking oh $hit!!!!!!!!!

Did a test today and it was neg, but untill I see a period or a positve result I won't be sure.

swiperfox Tue 02-Aug-05 19:16:14

nope. nothing. Did a test I found in the wardrobe the other day but was negative. Not convinced though!! I'm hoping that the way i messed around with the pill last month has just messed me up. Scary!

piffle Wed 03-Aug-05 10:56:29

ooops swiper!
DP said when I was pregnant it was 10 mths of pmt, rather than 2 days out of every 35...

swiperfox Wed 03-Aug-05 11:06:39

sounds like me Piffle! I was a hormonal nightmare when I was pregnant!!

Oh i dont want to be!!!!!!!

HellyBelly Thu 04-Aug-05 18:13:10

Hello swiperfox. I was terrible in the first week and couldn't believe my behaviour but it all made sense once I knew.

Fingers crossed for your sake that's not the case!

By the way, was nick jr as good as expected?

swiperfox Thu 04-Aug-05 18:41:31

Hiya I'm gettin gmore paranoid by the day and having more mood swings. Help!!!!!!!

Nick Jr was really good - dd loved it. I sent your goodie bag off to you today so you should get it in the morning

It was really really quiet though. Dp said they were giving away tickets on the gate as hardly anyone had turned up!

HellyBelly Thu 04-Aug-05 19:08:22

Glad you enjoyed it & sorry I couldn't come to the door when you came to collect the tickets, I was sooo sick the night before!! I felt really rude, hope you understood!

Thanks for the goody bag, can't wait to get it!

I know about the tickets, people got phonecalls asking if they wanted tickets as they had spares going.

Anyway, how long you going to leave it before you do a test?

swiperfox Thu 04-Aug-05 19:36:48

I did one a few days ago - I had a spare one from when i was pregnant with ds but it was a definate negative. Still not 100% convinced though!!! Usually when i have mood swings like this i can say for definate i'm due on in the next few days.
Maybe i'm just the moody cow dp says i am lol!

I think i'll leave it another week or two and then if nothing has happened i'll def have to buy another one.

Couldn't have a picked a worse time for this!! Dp will go mad!!!!!!

swiperfox Thu 04-Aug-05 19:45:15

How quickly do tests pick up a positive result? I'm trying to work out what i would be in you take it from the date of conception or lmp?

piffle Thu 04-Aug-05 20:08:02

weeks go from LMP swiper

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