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Playing the waiting game!!

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shelly24 Wed 20-Jul-05 19:53:52

Hi everybody,
I just wanted to chat to anybody who has recently ovulated and is now having to wait to find out if they are expecting or not.
This is my first month ttc since i lost my first son who was stillborn in may.
I am desperate to be pregnant again,not to replace my little boy,but to be back on that path i was following,and nearly at the end of
I was fertile between last wednesday and sunday just gone,my poor dh has been on demand for nearly two weeks!(bless him!)
We're so ready to do this again,i just hope it doesn't take too long(fingers crossed!)

charleepeters Wed 20-Jul-05 19:55:12

Go onto April Babies thread in the conception catagory, were all ttc and were all friendly and would love you to join!

maddyd Wed 20-Jul-05 20:14:30

Or the ttcing after a miscarriage thread. Im exactly the same as you Shelly with Days. We bded more on day 13 and day 15. Pleaseeee let it have worked. Due to test 1st or 2nd of August but will pro do earlier. Infact i know i will do earlier. I miscarried 15th April and have been trying since then. Good Luck Shelly, fingers crossed.

shelly24 Wed 20-Jul-05 20:19:58

You too maddyd!
Its horrible waiting around isn't it!?
I was tempted to test today!!how mad is that!!,knowing that it is far too early didn't even occur to me at first!(i must stop thinking about it! i must stop thinking about it!!!).x

shelly24 Wed 20-Jul-05 20:20:13

You too maddyd!
Its horrible waiting around isn't it!?
I was tempted to test today!!how mad is that!!,knowing that it is far too early didn't even occur to me at first!(i must stop thinking about it! i must stop thinking about it!!!).x

shelly24 Wed 20-Jul-05 20:20:20

You too maddyd!
Its horrible waiting around isn't it!?
I was tempted to test today!!how mad is that!!,knowing that it is far too early didn't even occur to me at first!(i must stop thinking about it! i must stop thinking about it!!!).x

maddyd Wed 20-Jul-05 20:21:45

Oh Shelly i did test i know its mad but i couldnt help it. I will test 7dpo next prob.

How far on were you when you lost your Boy? Was he your first?

maddyd Wed 20-Jul-05 20:25:14

Sorry i didnt read that properley, i see he was your first, did they give a reason at all?

shelly24 Wed 20-Jul-05 20:28:45

I lost him at 33wks,he'd grown an extra vessel between his heart and liver,and it caused hydrops and heart failure
Yeah,he was my first,and we had so much planned for him
But i had a check up 2wks ago and was given the all clear to try again when we feel we want to,i so want to be bk on that pregnancy path,and most of all just to have a healthy baby!
Its the first month of trying,so i don't want to get my hopes up 2 much!But how can you not when its all you want in life(i sound obsessed i know!)
I've been seen by all the top docs in the country and they have told me it will never happen again,it was that rare!
How about you maddyd,have you got any other children,or would this be your first?.x

maddyd Wed 20-Jul-05 20:39:12

Oh how awfull for you Shelly. Its so terribly sad. And well done to you for trying agin so soon. There is no point in waiting, it wont bring back your son. Did you name him?

A friend of mine lost her baby at 23 weeks and it destroyed her. She couldnt look or hold another baby untill after she gave birth to her own little girl over 18 months later. Over 2 years on she is now 16 weeks pg again and its such a shame as she cannot enjoy her pregnancies.

I was only 12 weeks gone but it still hurts alot. Plans were made. names chosen etc etc. Im not the same person anymore and dont feel i will be till im pregnant again. I am extremeley lucky as i have 3 children, a teenager and two toddlers. I am ashamed to say i took pregnancy for granted, but never again. i need this last one to complete my family, its prob my last chance with age etc so thats why so important to me.

shelly24 Wed 20-Jul-05 20:51:38

Yeah,we called him Rhys
I made alittle keepsake box for him,full of the few memories that we look in now and then to remember him.
You're completely right,there is no point waiting around when you want it so much.I think because i'm quite a strong person it has helped,i lost my mum at a young age too,and had to cope at the time with looking after her while she was ill as well as juggling school and everydasy teenage things,and that changed me as a person,as has loosing is so precious and we have to make the most of it!
I'm the same as you in that i will not be right again in myself until i'm pregnant again
Theres no doubt about it that when i do get pregnant again it will be hard the whole way through as i lost Rhys late into my last pregnany,but i'm ready to face that,as i'm SO ready to be a mum!

maddyd Wed 20-Jul-05 20:59:27

Well my fingers are crossed for you Shelly And your posotive approach is fantastic, and will really benefit your children when you have them. You only live once and when your old and grey and in your electric shopping trolley the last thing you want to be doing regretting the life you lived.

So heres to lots of baby dancing and lots of baies too. When are you thinking of testing? Have you bought the cheap E Bay tests? I have two ultra early tests and 3 Digital ones. If i get a pos on the early ones then ill use the didital iyswim.

maddyd Wed 20-Jul-05 21:00:15

Please excuse my typos, its bed time for me i think, im such a lightwieght

shelly24 Wed 20-Jul-05 21:06:05

I've ordered aload of ov tests,preg tests,and folic acid from the net(they weren't cheap either,but that didn't matter at the time!)
will prob test nxt wk some time,depending on my patience!!How about you?
Nite,nite if your off to bed.x hopefully chat to you some more over the next couple of days.x.x

maddyd Thu 21-Jul-05 09:56:40

Morning Shelly how are you today. I am working and imaging my boobs have shotting pains today and feel heavier. know its just my mind playing tricks but i cant help hoping.

shelly24 Thu 21-Jul-05 10:15:39

hiya maddyd.
Not sure how i feel today,had slight cramping on my right side last night,around my hip area,wondered if i'd eaten something dodgy or if it could be something more!?
Then felt slightly sick when eventually went to bed last night,secretly hoping it would be a pregnancy sickness!
My mind is seriously playing tricks on me right now!

maddyd Thu 21-Jul-05 10:33:18

How wierd i had some pains too . Convinced they were stretching pains but more than likely indegestion. We are mad. If we did turn out to be pg (touch wood) we ould be bragging how we knew so early on

shelly24 Thu 21-Jul-05 14:36:35

Fingers crossed that that is the case huh!!?
If not for both of us,perhaps one of us!?
Really trying hard not to focus on it too much over the next week,will have to keep myself really occupied!
I'm doing a NVQ3 in childcare at the mo too,but even that doesn't help keep my mind off things! the unit i'm doing at the mo is a blinking baby unit!!!
Oh well,we will get each other through the next week,with lots of support(and virtual hugs!)
If it happens...fantastic!...if not we'll get through the next month!.x

maddyd Fri 22-Jul-05 10:13:56

Morning Shelly. No more imaginary stretching pains but i just got Butterflies and shaky legs, Mind you it is 10.10 and only just got breakfast. Thought it would be usefull though to write it down so i can look back next month when ttcing and see how your mind and body plays tricks. Today i am on Cycle day 17 and 4dpo.

maddyd Fri 22-Jul-05 11:01:42

oops Cd 18 , whoppe another day. catch up with you soon Shelly. Hope you are ok. xxxxx Im off to hoover

shelly24 Fri 22-Jul-05 14:36:03

Hiya maddyd
Yeah,i'm good,been keeping myself busy wit the house work today..anything to keep my mind off bloody ttc all the time!!
Still got those funny cramps in my right hand side!?their not there all the time,just every now and then?weird huh!? I'm hoping their good cramps and nt 'your periods round the corner'cramps!(would be my luck at the moment!)
I must stop being so impatient,its my first month of ttc for goodness sake!
Went shopping this morning aswell and the lady infront of me in a cue was really heavily preg ,i got this really funny feeling in the pit of my stomach and i was just standing there staring at her!...she must have thought i was nuts!
Am going out 2nite with dh and a couple of our friends,hoping we're gonna have a nice nite(i may even have one or two drinks to relax me!),i'll let you know how it goes 2moro.x
How long after you miscarried did you start ttc maddyd?was it pretty soon? I hope i'm not starting too early?i've heard that some docs recommend you wait a couple of months? Mind you,when i went for my check up the dc said i could try as soon as i wanted to,so that was reasurring i guess...i'm just thinking about everything too much right now!!CRAZY NUTTY WOMAN ON THE LOOSE!!
God the days are dragging!.x //(very emotional!)

maddyd Sat 23-Jul-05 13:19:02

Sheely what can i say ditto to everything you just put especially the Nutty staring woman. I dont even realise im doing it. A woman i worked with announced she is pregnant with twins and i was so upset and madly jelous.

Thinking of testing in morning will be 7dpo i think. Feel fine today, a bit sicky but thats cos i had a late night and am bushed. I always feel sick if overtierd. Boobs not twinging as much so think was nothing. God this waiting is a nightmare. I dont think i can cope if im not pregant this month.

shelly24 Sun 24-Jul-05 22:52:21

Hiya maddyd
Soz i haven't got bk to you sooner,have kept myself mega busy this wkend!! Was out most f yesterday and today!Had acouple of drinks aswell(although feeling slightly guilty for having them in case i am preg!)But at the same time its taken my mind off things and i've been able to relax and have a gd time,without lookig out for every little sign that i'm preg.
How has your wkend been?I bet your little one keeps you busy huh!? In a way i guess that helps keep your mind busy too !
I'd find this whole situation a lot easier if i hadn't experienced loosing my first, know its not easy when you loose a baby at anytime,but just think sometimes that i would't be fit to be a mother and thats why i wasn't given a cance with Rhys Mayb if i had a child before all this happened then it wouldn't be so bad!?Oh i don't know!...i can be so up and down sometimes,just a few hours ago i was laughing away with my friends,and now i feel like the whole worlds against me!
As far as preg signs go for today,i don't feel preg atall! Afew cramps still but they are hardly there atall,its just in my head i reckon,i don't feel sick or overly tired or anything!Could it be too early to feel any symtoms anyway?Oh i don't know!!
I'm wondering whether or not you'll get this tonight or not?Depends if your little ones worn you out i guess
Write bk when you can,let me know how things are with you.x.

maddyd Mon 25-Jul-05 08:31:09

Morning Shelly. Sorry i missed you last night. Im not often on late in the evenings. It depends how much work i have on. We spent the weekend gardeneing in the rain. Got drenced on Sunday and just as we finished the sun came out and was a lovely afternoon. Typical. I ache so much. Think thats why my scar aches. I feel sick as so tired. Dont think im pregnant but we will see. it would be nice and would be born on my other halfs birthday which would be lovely.

Sorry you had a bad day. It happens so go with it and cry and grieve. i really feel for you and Diddle and lottielou, all lost your first child, its so unfaie and out of everyone its you three that i root for.

i often find myself in tears for no apparent reason but i feel better afterwards. I was really upset sat morning when a work friend annouced preganancy with twins. I felt so bad and jelous and then guilty for not being as happy as she was for her iyswim. I am happy for her but it knocked the stuffing out of me. I just felt so deflated and that life is so unfair.

I then chatised my self when i got home for being selfish. I have lovely children and am very lucky.

shelly24 Mon 25-Jul-05 18:51:09

How ya doing today maddyd?
Any other signs or symtoms to report? None from me i'm afraid-except for the usual!
I'm just desperate for it to be the weekend now,so i can do some testing!!.x.x

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