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Desperate after 3 m/cs

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Clara1 Wed 20-Jul-05 14:55:21

Suffered third miscarriage in a row last Feb (previously having had two successful pregnancies) and desperate to have another baby. DH is not keen at all despite having been looking forward to number 3 but says can't put ourselves through the agony of another m/c. I am a weeping wreck as don't know how we can resolve this "I do, he doesn't" dilemma. Help!!

strike1 Wed 20-Jul-05 15:45:17

Hi Clara1, so sorry to hear of your losses. I had m/c 1 in may and am currently trying to concieve baby number one now. It must be hard not to have the total support of DH but your in the right place to talk about it all. Has your doctor given you any reasons for the m/c's or have you got the all clear to keep trying?

spub Wed 20-Jul-05 15:50:05

Come and visit us on the TTC after miscarriage thread. Strike, myself and assorted others on there to provide a bit of support, advice and light relief.
FWIW, we are all bricking it at the thought of another pregnancy though many of us are desperate to have another baby!

strike1 Thu 21-Jul-05 16:59:46

Hi Clara, hope all is well and you've managed to have a long chat with dh. As Spub says come and chat with us on the ttc after m/c thread. Let us know how your doing

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