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Off to Docs in 1.5 hours, Worried what to say!

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Shiraz Wed 20-Jul-05 07:14:33

Hi Ladies! Well i had one depo injection in March 04, after the persuasion form my then doctor, when dd had turned 3 mths! I moved in the June and when i went for an injection had long discussion (was my old family gp) and he recommended i come off it and have a break, as side effects were getting bad, risk of osteoparisis, etc etc. plus as he pointed out dd was conceived whilst i was still on the injection.

My periods came back in Feb, but i've had no 'proper' cycle. I dont have a clue about ovulation, have had pains when i think i am hald way through cycle, which a colleague said my be ov. I though i would be due on next week, however for the past two days i have had what i can only describe as faint spotting (ie sorry tmi but when i wipe below) i haven;t noticed any bleed yet but am feelign icky again.

Just worried doc may fob me off, and not sure what to say to them.

Any ideas??

Thansk Ladies! xxx

Nemo1977 Wed 20-Jul-05 07:25:26

shiraz have u done a pregnancy test?
Just the spotting sounds like implantation. Seeing as its been over a year since u stopped depo just say ur cycles still havent returned to normal and maybe could they do blood tests to check you are ovulating etc?????

Shiraz Wed 20-Jul-05 08:11:04

Hi Nemo, no i haven't as thought it too early for implantation!
Off to the Docs now so will see what they have to say! Becs xxx

Shiraz Wed 20-Jul-05 09:44:06

What an utter waste of time Doctor was rubbish and told me nothing i already know! I now feel pretty upset, i asked if there was any chance of having ablood test to see if i am ovulating and he said blood tests wouldnt really show what was going on, ut gave me a pth envelope and said to come back mid-august for my bloods. If i in the meantime want to take a pg test then that is my decision however he was not willing to give me one, as i do not have a definate cycle so it's rather pointless!

Not sure how to feel, what to do etc now...grrrr

Becs xx

Nemo1977 Wed 20-Jul-05 09:46:40

#]aww hunsorry was uneventful
personally i would do a pg test. The reason he is saying go for bloods mid aug is because if u r due on in a week then u should be oving around mid august.

HandbagAddiction Wed 20-Jul-05 10:26:17


Sorry to hear that your gp was unsympathetic. However from recent experience, I do know that unless they do blood tests at partciular times in your cycle, then they actually do not tell you anything at all - so he's right about that.

The two tests that have been recommended to me are a day 21 progesterone test - basically to determine whether you are has to be done on day 21 on your cycle, and then another test sometime between days 1 and 5. Can't remember exactly what they test for but think it's your FSH / LH levels.

Please don't get despondent though.

Shiraz Wed 20-Jul-05 10:59:49

Thanks Handbag hun! I know what the gp is saying about the blood tests, but i had no reasurance what so ever as to what may be happening etc!

Thank-you hun! x

jamiesam Wed 20-Jul-05 13:09:56


I am in similar position to you, in the sesnse that I haven't had a proper cycle since ds2 (15 months since periods started after ds2!!)

I was 'lucky' enough to find a sympathetic dr at our practice who chucked in a couple of pg hormone blood tests with other tests I needed last week. Results came back the next day and did appear to confirm that my hormone levels were normal given that I appeared to be in the middle of a cycle, and possibly just post ov. However, I started my period yesterday, which makes me feel that test results are meaningless! I think that is pretty much what Handbag was saying. But not much comfort when you don't have a day 21 in your cycle!

Shiraz Wed 20-Jul-05 13:16:43

Yeah hun i know exactly what you both mean! It's just one of those things with no answers i guess! Becs xx

Tabs Wed 20-Jul-05 14:01:11

Hi Becs - have you considered charting your temps at all? Hopefully (assuming that's what you want) the bleed will turn out to have been implantation and you'll be pg, but if not, perhaps you could start charting on the first day of your next cycle. This will then enable you to see if/when you do ov, and then if you want the blood tests to confirm it, you will know exactly which day to have them done on (although they are referred to as day 21 tests, I didn't generally ov until day 18 or later, so a day 21 test would have said I wasn't ov'ing, just because it was taken too early).

Janbo25 Mon 01-Aug-05 15:38:13

you can also get a device now which shows your ovulation through your saliva

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