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how far were you when you started to show?????

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trying4bump Mon 18-Jul-05 22:37:01

thats it really just curious

Linnet Mon 18-Jul-05 23:01:54

With dd1 I was about 26 weeks
with dd2 I was about 24 weeks, we didn't announce the pregnancy until I was 22 weeks and nobody had guessed.

jampots Mon 18-Jul-05 23:03:51

i was about 23 weeks with dd and about 6 weeks with ds !

lovecloud Mon 18-Jul-05 23:20:53


i had a nice obvious bump about 5 months. so before that there was a bump but i did not "look" pregnant.

milward Mon 18-Jul-05 23:23:28

My dd3 pre-school teacher asked me if I was preg when I was 10 wks!!

jessicaandbumpsmummy Mon 18-Jul-05 23:24:23

4.5 months with jess

conception date this time!

BadHair Mon 18-Jul-05 23:27:33

12 weeks with ds1, about 3 weeks with ds2.

meggymoo Mon 18-Jul-05 23:29:11

Message withdrawn

jinglybits Mon 18-Jul-05 23:29:33

left work at 31 weeks and at least half the staff came up to me and said you're pregnant, i had no idea! two weeks later i popped! and came back in to show them!

kama Mon 18-Jul-05 23:45:44

Message withdrawn

Shiraz Tue 19-Jul-05 19:23:19

When i was pg with dd i could barely do my trousers up from 12 weeks! A colleague noticed my 'bump; at 13 weeks and by the time i was 16 weeks well Hello, beach ball appearing! it was big but nice and tidy all att he front! 5 of my colleagues were pg and all jealous of my bump! Theirs went all over, but then again i was the only 1 to have a girlie! xxxx

oooggs Tue 19-Jul-05 19:27:31

I was in maternity clothes from 9 weeks and felt like a whale as soon as I knew. Normally a size 12.

MarsLady Tue 19-Jul-05 19:33:33

conception or the day after. I tell you the blooming stick said pregnant and I swear all my clothes shrank instantly!

AngelCakeUmm Tue 19-Jul-05 19:49:13

About 4 months with my ds and i am 13+5 and starting to show now this time round.

HellyBelly Wed 20-Jul-05 10:14:36

With my ds my clothes weren't fitting from about a week but I think this is partly down to the fact I was pregnant 3 months before and lost it at 2 months so I'd already put some weight on. Having said that, my clothes still fit me. I don't eat much normally but when I'm pregnant, I stuff my face so no wonder my clothes get tight quickly

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