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Ebay pregnancy tests....any good ??

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nutcracker Mon 18-Jul-05 20:28:34

Right i just wanna know NOW although am not due for another 8 days so will i need to get an early one and if so which one ?? There are too many on there, I don't know which to get.

Nemo1977 Mon 18-Jul-05 20:30:03

i used the ultra early tests from ebay and had positive resuly 9 days past conception which was 7 days before af was due.

spidermama Mon 18-Jul-05 20:30:41

I just got the cheapest. i can't remember what it was called but it was fine.

nutcracker Mon 18-Jul-05 20:30:58

Blimey really, thats good isn't it.

Thanks Nemo

PiccadillyCircus Mon 18-Jul-05 20:31:50

I used some very cheap ones from ebay and they were fine (needed to wee in something and then dip stick in)

nutcracker Mon 18-Jul-05 20:32:31

Is it these ??

nutcracker Mon 18-Jul-05 20:32:58

Sorry can you cut and paste.

nutcracker Mon 18-Jul-05 20:36:43


kama Mon 18-Jul-05 20:38:09

Message withdrawn

jampots Mon 18-Jul-05 20:38:11

its years since Ive used one so couldnt comment now but my friend used some from ebay (quite cheap) last year and they appeared to tell the truth (she wasnt)

Nemo1977 Mon 18-Jul-05 20:38:34

they are the ones nutty but they measure 20units of hcg so u really want one that does ten like
\link{\these are 10units}

nutcracker Mon 18-Jul-05 20:39:00

Fancy seeing you here Jammy

Nemo1977 Mon 18-Jul-05 20:39:24

mmm why didnt link work

Nemo1977 Mon 18-Jul-05 20:39:59

these are 10units

jampots Mon 18-Jul-05 20:40:05

I was thinking the same thing Nutty!!! Fancy seeing you here!

nutcracker Mon 18-Jul-05 20:40:44

Thankyou Nemo

LOL Jammy

Nemo1977 Mon 18-Jul-05 20:41:47

your welcome
good luck and hope u get the result u want

nutcracker Mon 18-Jul-05 20:45:08

If i could decide what result i want it would be start, but thanks Nemo, have ordered the ones you linked to

sweetkitty Mon 18-Jul-05 20:46:45

I used them can't remember the exact ones but wasn't impressed. Was due on Thurs, tested Friday negative, Sunday negative, Monday v faint positive so bought a Clearblue and it was positive!!

nutcracker Mon 18-Jul-05 20:48:02

Am only testing this early cos Jammy needs to know before she goes away

jampots Mon 18-Jul-05 20:49:02

PMSL Nuthead!

PoopyNappy Mon 18-Jul-05 21:14:52


I bought a pack of 3 off Ebay. Tested 4 days early and it worked for me!
U can buy them off tttp://

Mine turned up next day.

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