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bleeding whilst on the pill

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ironbru Mon 18-Jul-05 13:37:49

i missed a coulple of pills about a week ago but have been back on it now a week but have had a light period the last couple of days - is this normal - we did have intercourse in the days i missed.

ironbru Mon 18-Jul-05 13:48:45


ironbru Mon 18-Jul-05 14:02:46


ironbru Mon 18-Jul-05 17:00:49


vkone Tue 19-Jul-05 08:47:15

I think it can be, I was on the combined pill for years and occasionally missed one out. At one point I got v panicked and went to Doc for Morning after pill, but she explained that with the combined one you have 7 days off each month and don't risk pregnancy during that time even if you have intercourse (yuck) so I was told to just not take the 7 days break that time and carry on with the next packet.

I quite often bled a little during pill taking, it's not uncommon.

This does only apply to the combined pill tho, not the mini pill.

HTH a little, might be worth checking with your pharmacist (you can get emergency contraception from them now)


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