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How Far Into Your Cycle were you when you got a Positive test result???? is there any chance for me?

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Diddle Fri 15-Jul-05 09:17:25

My period is due today, i have had nothing but BFN's for the past few days including today, is there still a chance of me being pregnant. could i get my positive later than this??

Has anyone else has a Pos after the day they were due on, but a neg on the day?

My body does feel different but i can't be sure if thats because AF is due or i may be pg.

Nemo1977 Fri 15-Jul-05 09:20:49

diddle there is a chance
with ds i didnt know i was pg until 7-9wks and had neg result and even af. This time i got pos at 9 days past ov so it does depend

Merlot Fri 15-Jul-05 09:23:32

I got a false negative with my ds2 after being 4/5 days overdue. It didnt appear positive until about 10 days overdue.

Toothache Fri 15-Jul-05 09:26:30

My friend had a BFN when she was 7 wks pg.... and consequently didn't find out she actually was pg until she was 12wks!

lilaclotus Fri 15-Jul-05 09:28:11

i didn't get a BFP until i was about two months pregnant.

Diddle Fri 15-Jul-05 15:51:07

bumpety bump bump

dinosaur Fri 15-Jul-05 15:53:02

Diddle I got a false negative when my period was one week overdue, and then a positive the week after that.

Diddle Fri 15-Jul-05 15:56:40

very encouraing comments from you guys, there is still hope for me then.

BrideyBird Tue 05-Aug-08 11:13:45

My last LMP Was 28 June 2008, therefore I was expecting to come on 24 July 2008 - but here I am 13 days later and still nothing...!

I did my 4th pregnancy test (using Clearblue) this morning - and still a negative result. I already have 2 kids, and have never missed (or been late with a period before) - and have always been like clockwork.

Anyone else been 13 days late, still had a negative urine test result, but then went on to be successfully pregnant?

We weren't planning on anymore kids, but an unexpected addition would of course be welcome!!

Any feedback gratefully received

madcol Tue 05-Aug-08 11:30:36

Oh me too. Very nauseous and late AF but negative tests.

madcol Tue 05-Aug-08 11:30:36

Oh me too. Very nauseous and late AF but negative tests.

BrideyBird Tue 05-Aug-08 12:01:16

Hi Madcol, How late are you? BB

itsallsoscary Tue 05-Aug-08 12:15:41

My AF due tomorrow or Thurs and did a First Response this morning - BFN. Thing is, am sure am pg - boobs are agony and face exploded into spots (v unusual). Thing is, the First Response ones say they are 98% correct if used 2 days beofre AF due... Anyone had similar experience of this?

Sparkly08 Tue 05-Aug-08 12:16:56

I got a BFN yday at 14dpo and a BFP today.

madcol Tue 05-Aug-08 23:00:27

3 days. Very sicky; stinging nips and ( I'm not sure this is genuine symptom - greasy skin. Keep testing negative persuade myself not to tests again then buy another one.

BrideyBird Wed 06-Aug-08 08:31:59

Hi Madcol
I know what you mean about the tests, this is all driving me crazy,we weren't trying for another baby (last one is only 13 months!) I just want to know! I did another test this morning, still negative, but I do feel pregnant and AF is now 13 days late - unheard of for me. Have got appointment 9:40 today to see Doc and have started taking folic acid just in case, and no wine last night..! Will keep you posted. BB x

madcol Wed 06-Aug-08 12:40:03

Also taking Folic acid and off wine. my son is 21 months and I wondering how I will cope. I am a bit of a light-weight when it comes to stress.

yellowflowers Wed 06-Aug-08 12:45:27

Nemo1977 - did you have a full on AF? Or just spotting?

BrideyBird Thu 07-Aug-08 07:44:50

Well, the Dr said wait until 10 weeks past LMP and then go along for scan - that means (assuming no AF before then) I have to wait another month till I know what my body is (or isn't doing!) Think I will wait another week then go for a private scan - got a wedding to go to in 2 weeks - and don't know if I can drink or not!

Madcol - any news on you yet? BBx

madcol Fri 08-Aug-08 11:40:39

Yes AF today. Very disappointed. Was 100% convinced.

Goodluck BB.

BrideyBird Fri 08-Aug-08 16:18:46

Madcol - I am so sorry, it took 8 months of "trying very hard...!" for both our first and second - so I am sure it will happen for you soon. Not sure if I am PG or early menopause..! I am 41, could be my first sign... In case you're interested - I'll keep you posted, BBx

madcol Fri 08-Aug-08 20:12:40

Yes please do. Fingers crossed for you.

madcol Fri 08-Aug-08 20:12:41

Yes please do. Fingers crossed for you.

BrideyBird Tue 12-Aug-08 17:49:08

Hi Madcol

Went for scan last night and it was negative. I quite surprised even me by feeling immensely relieved, like I had taken off an uncomfortable and heavy pair of ski boots after a hard days skiing. I hadn't realised how stressed out about the whole thing I was. I still haven't come on, probably due to all the stress. Anyway, good luck to you in the future, I am sure another baby will come along for you when you least expect it! BB x

beanieb Tue 12-Aug-08 20:08:23

Has Diddle been back? Any news?

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