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Nausea from conception - does this actually ever happen?

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Bouj Thu 14-Jul-05 23:58:41

We had two shots at it this month, once just before ovulation, once just after. Crazy thing is, I feel so sick! I feel sick when I wake up, sick when I eat, sick when I don't etc... Everything smells weird and horrible and I feel dizzy. But this was last week!!! Surely it is all in my mind? I am not sure which scenario is more concerning - my overactive imagination, or many, many more weeks of feeling crap! Anyone else ever felt sick from (literally) the word Go?

Bouj Fri 15-Jul-05 06:57:26

Urgh, and I can't even do a test until next weekend!! This nausea is strangely familiar...

Bouj Fri 15-Jul-05 12:14:26

shameless bump for the northern hemisphere lot...

Dana Fri 15-Jul-05 12:25:39

Bouj, I don't have any experience with this myself, as with DS I didn't have any symptoms at all, though had a funny feeling straight away that I was prenant. But I know a few people who have had symptoms very soon after conception so could be possible

When is af due? Think you will just have to be patient and wait til you can test.. though the waiting seems soooooooo long...

Wish the best for you

Bouj Fri 15-Jul-05 12:29:56

Thanks Dana, am going to go to bed now, as two glasses of wine have made me feel horribly ill... am due on next saturday, bloody ages away considering how crap I feel!

purpleturtle Fri 15-Jul-05 12:31:48

A friend of mine swears her mum went off coffee the morning after. Can't vouch for the veracity of that claim though.

DissLocated Fri 15-Jul-05 12:34:06

Bouj - I felt sick from conception. By the time I took the test about 3 weeks later I knew it was a formality and that I was pg. The good news is that I never actually threw up and it passed pretty quickly .

Fingers crossed!

serenity Fri 15-Jul-05 12:35:53

Yes, I was with DS2 and DD. In fact someone asked me if I could be pregnant as I felt so rough and I told them it had to be a bug as I wasn't due on for another 10 days! I had a dental appointment the next week and my sister insisted I do a pg test before having the xray. I was very shocked when it was positive - DS2 was not planned

DD was the same, but I was really sick with her anyway. I realised I might be pregnant when the smell of my own skin made me throw up - I ended up testing negative twice because I did it too early before getting a positive 2 days before I was due.

jersey Fri 15-Jul-05 14:53:01

I am suffering in a similar way, but I also need the loo alot, my jeans are tight and they weren't before (I bloated at the beginning on my first preg.). People keep telling me I won't get the symptons yet but i can't test for another 13 days!!!!

Don't know if I am or if its in my mind because I messed up with my pill!!

Bouj Sat 16-Jul-05 05:39:45

thanks all, glad it does happen - was starting to think I was a loon. tbh, i feel almost 100% sure I am, not just the symptoms, but a certain 'calmness' I had when pregnant the first time... I guess only time will tell. I just hope no-one gets suspicious about how often I 'say what is that revolting smell' or 'I feel soooo sick'!

Bouj Sun 24-Jul-05 22:32:05

Ho hum, appears I am not... Am starting to think I was and am having an early m/c? or is that my overactive imagination again? AF is def. different. V. heavy and erm, 'involved' without being too graphic! I had leaky boobs two weeks ago, which stopped abruptly.. Was just getting ready to test when started bleeding. Aah, am losing the plot, I fear!

MaloryTowers Sun 24-Jul-05 22:33:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

spidermama Sun 24-Jul-05 22:34:48

My grandma always felt sick the following morning and knew, immediately, she was pg.

Good luck.

spidermama Sun 24-Jul-05 22:36:06

Sorry. Cross threads.

Bouj Sun 24-Jul-05 22:53:39

that's ok. helpful info for (hopefully) next month

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