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Do those ovulation tests really work?

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shelly24 Thu 14-Jul-05 21:28:35

Hi everyone,
Have just begun ttc since i lost my first born in may,have got a load of ovulation tests and am trying them at the mo.I had my AF last mon to fri as its pretty good as has always been around five days,and all in all a 28 day cycle,have started testing since tues as i calculated that my most fertile days are this weds through to sun,but still no result with the test sticks? Do that really work or should i go for the 'leave it to nature'way?I've heard too that some months you don't ovulate atall!,so maybe thats the case!? Am alittle confused...should i just keep trying with the sticks,and carrying on BD reguardless of their results?Help!.x.x.

Nemo1977 Thu 14-Jul-05 21:35:36

i used clearblue digi ov tests after about 3mths of ttc and am now 18wks pg from that one month. About 6 other people i know who used same tests also got pg in the first month. THey are expensive but worth it when ur losing hope.

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