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How do you reset your persona?

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lunavix Thu 14-Jul-05 13:10:43

Got it second hand and under 'resetting it after having a baby' it says you have to phone them. Does anyone know how to do it? It says DO NOT GIVE THIS TO A FRIEND I assume they want everyone to buy it new

munz Thu 14-Jul-05 13:15:07

they do, all u do is hold the button u open it with and the 'm' button at the same time then it all flashes, and goes back to 1

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Thu 14-Jul-05 13:47:20

Sorry. [BLUSH]Whats a Persona??

Does it help you TC?...

munz Thu 14-Jul-05 14:00:03

it's a little device u use to check when u're OV'ing u pee on 8 sticks per month and have red days - fertile days and green days - unfertile days. then u get red with 'o' when u're OV'ing.

v simple to use.

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Thu 14-Jul-05 14:08:42


using sainsburys ov kit at moment.5 sticks. Line has to be as dark as control line.nothing yet and im 2 sticks down.

munz Thu 14-Jul-05 14:10:06

that's why persona's so good u don't have to think about the strength of the lines

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Thu 14-Jul-05 14:19:59

Sound good. Hoping that 'this is THE month'

If not,then I will buy one.

Never had to try at getting pregnant before,now i want to sooooo badly its a pain

gailey Thu 14-Jul-05 14:48:16

Chocolatepeanut, thanks for that, i didn't know what a persona was either, I too am using OV kit, but not showed yet. going to start testing again at the weekend on CD9 now.

Good luck to us both.

and everyone else.

munz Sat 16-Jul-05 08:25:53

persona website

I ment to find this the otehr day but was too stressed at work it's the website for persona so u can have a look at it.

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