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paperchase1 Sun 31-Jan-10 19:52:23

Just wondered if any of you had tried accupuncture and become pregnant following it?

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MogTheForgetfulCat Sun 31-Jan-10 21:47:26

Yes, twice smile

2 different practitioners, happened v quickly both times, thankfully. Am convinced it made a difference, although am aware of sceptical voice in head telling me it was a placebo effect...

Am now trying again (yet another practitioner - we have moved a lot in the last few years, although settled now...) for DC3.

yama Sun 31-Jan-10 21:52:06

I had acupuncture for a bad back. I told the practitioner (Chinese doctor) that I was ttc and he did some 'cupping'.

I didn't see what he did but he attached some kind of suction devices to my lower back. It was quite painful but in a nice way.

I conceived days later. I haven't a clue it it is related.

Spacefrog Sun 31-Jan-10 22:00:02

I started acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies after 23 long months of TTC. Both I and DH did it. We conceived 2 months later. Call it a coincidence...

Now TTC#2, have had acupuncture and herbal supplements again for three months. No results yet but it helps staying relaxed and positive.

paperchase1 Mon 01-Feb-10 15:17:11

HOw long had you been trying out of interest? I am thinking of getting it done. Have been ttc for nearly 1 year now.

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Spacefrog Mon 01-Feb-10 22:32:21

I had been trying for two years. I conceived on holiday, maybe that helped too. Good luck!

northlondonchoclover Tue 02-Feb-10 20:40:52

Hi paperchase, I am trying out acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines. Noticed some differences in my period, not sure whether it is acupuncture or the herbs. Would be interested to exchange notes.


MogTheForgetfulCat Tue 02-Feb-10 20:58:39

Ooh, an update - has worked again, just found out I am pg with DC3! Worked v quickly again. I am now utterly convinced of its benefits!

With DS1, I was trying for about 8 months before using acupuncture - but I am v impatient grin. With DS2 I only tried for about 4-5 months before going for the needles because I wanted to get on with it, wanted not to have a big age gap. When TTC DC3, I got pg all by myself but then had a m/c (sad) and my cycle went to pot - 20-21 days, from a normal 27-29 days, and seemed stuck like that. Acupuncture helped to get my cycle sorted quite quickly - and now has helped me get pg with DC3, yay!

As you may be able to tell, I would heartily recommend it.

northlondonchoclover Tue 02-Feb-10 21:03:05

Mog - how many sessions did you have before your conceptions?

CURLYMAMMA Tue 02-Feb-10 21:03:42

I used it twice to get and stay pregnant having weekly treatment up to week 14. Pregnant within a month both times.

northlondonchoclover Tue 02-Feb-10 21:06:06

I have no problems getting pregnant but have problems keeping them! Have had 2 early MCs. Am having weekly sessions and hoping that it will help.

janx Tue 02-Feb-10 21:36:03

I had accupunture and took supplements when ttc for number two. I am not sure whether it worked, but after 8 months I conceived. I liked the fact my accupunturist was also a midwife - so felt the benefit of eastern and western mind

MogTheForgetfulCat Tue 02-Feb-10 22:05:04

Think only a few each time - weekly sessions, maybe 4-6 before conceiving each time. Think it took a little longer with DS2, but not much.

Sorry to hear about your MCs sad - I am going to carry on with acupuncture for a while yet, as hoping to avoid another MC this time round.

northlondonchoclover Tue 02-Feb-10 22:08:27

I have noticed my recent period was much brighter red blood than before (sorry if TMI). Possibly positive results from these therapies?

MogTheForgetfulCat Wed 03-Feb-10 21:45:45

After my MC, as well as my cycle being all wrong, the bleeding was v dark red - within just a couple of sessions of acupuncture, I had a normal length cycle with bright red bleeding, which I was told was a good sign, that previously there had been congestion. So yes, hopefully a good sign for you smile

Spacefrog Wed 03-Feb-10 22:09:48

Mog congratulations!

Now I'm trying again to get pg naturally despite known fertility issues. I'm taking herbal supplements to regulate my periods and after they've been all over the place they seem to be very regular now.

Fingers cross for all of us.

northlondonchoclover Thu 04-Feb-10 18:46:19

Just been to another acupuncture session, and was told bright red period is a 'good' period and no reason to wait before TTC again! woohoo grin

Kaloki Thu 04-Feb-10 23:38:51

I was just going to come on here and ask whether I should try acupuncture.. I think I'll take this thread as a yes!

DuelingFanjo Thu 04-Feb-10 23:43:54

Me too, I have just booked my first session. I am having IVF in March so will be having it before and after the treatment.

FelicityFlick Fri 05-Feb-10 01:23:58

Hi everyone,

I am so keen to try acupuncture and have found a place I am going to go to and met the practioner etc but there is just one problem.

I am on CD 47 and I need my period to come before I get started on this. I am desperate to regulate my periods and am tempted to make an appointment asap in the hope that it will hurry my period along.

I am almost certain I an not already pregnant as I have done three tests over the past three weeks and all have been BFN.

Just after a bit of advice really, would you wait until your period came or would you go before?



DuelingFanjo Fri 05-Feb-10 08:23:15

Has your acupuncturist said you should? Mine hasn't mentioned it. I would maybe ask them because they may be able to do something to encourage it along. If your cycle is usually this long then it's probably something you need investigating anyway. I know that Acupuncture can help to regulate hormones etc so it may help anyway

wilbur Fri 05-Feb-10 08:33:30

I am a huge fan of accupuncture for all sorts of things, and I definitely think that the accupunture helped me to get pregnant (although I have no specific fertility issues) and more importantly stay pregnant. In fact, when I was preg with dd, I was in the 2ww and had an appointment with my accu man, and he told me I was pregnant before I had even done a test.

FelicityFlick - why do you have to wait until your period arrives? Did the accupunturist ask you to? AFAIK, they are able to treat you at any stage in your cycle.

chocolaterabbit Fri 05-Feb-10 08:40:21

I did acupuncture before starting IVF and conceived first round of full IVF - DD. I then had one FET without acupuncture which failed and one with acupuncture which is now DS. Would definitely recommend.

Felicity - I had a really ong cycle and acupuncture/herbs helped with it a lot. I would go and see someone now and not wait until your period starts.

AbiAbi Fri 05-Feb-10 12:45:55

Hi ladies,

Jumping on this slightly - does reflexology help too?


DuelingFanjo Fri 05-Feb-10 13:32:59

Hi Abi,
I have had reflexology and it's supposed to help, though I didn't get pregnant. I know that it certainly relaxed me and made me feel a lot better.

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