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How soon can you test to see if you are pregnant ?

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Mojomummy Fri 08-Jul-05 17:01:04

'fertile' time was around 29th June, so can anyone suggest the most accurate date to test & which test to use ?

Or should I wait.........? : - (

marne Fri 08-Jul-05 17:33:18

just bought a test and it says you can test 10 days after ovulation, ive got too wait a few days, its hard trying to wait, good luck mojo, fingers crossed for you.

charleepeters Fri 08-Jul-05 17:35:01

im in the same boat - just remember if you test before you due on you stll may get a neg even if you are pg as you may not have enough hormone in your wee yet - good luck

marne Fri 08-Jul-05 17:41:41

think its best too test when you are at least a day late.

Mojomummy Fri 08-Jul-05 18:55:05

Hi, thanks for your advice & good wishes - which test tells you 10 days afterwards ?

I bought some cheap ones from e-bay but can't find them, don't want to buy anymore & desperate to know !

anchovies Fri 08-Jul-05 19:15:15

I tested 10 days after ov (first response) and got a +ve (four days before af was due) Not recommended though cos it may be too early to be reliable either way. May be a bit early yet. Good luck for when you cave in and test though!

munz Sun 10-Jul-05 13:09:50

I tested 11 days after with a normal cheapy test and was + then did two CB ones also +. + graduallty got darker as week went on. (my LP is only 13 days thou)

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