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unbearable contractions

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biglips Wed 06-Jul-05 11:51:39

thru my 1st labour - i couldnt handle the pain of the contractions, i nearly ended up breaking Dp's arm!!! . i had morphine but didnt agree with me and gas & air and last of all (15 hours later) was given epidural, but ended up having an emergency c-section as baba was in the wrong position etc..

i would like to have another baba in 2-3 yrs time, and go for natural birth, BUT i cannot handle pain full stop, what is the best way for me to deal with pain? or will it be the same as my first? (hope not!)

gailey Wed 06-Jul-05 12:04:55

1st PG labour was 19 hours like you i also had lots of gas and air, and lots of pain relief, that did not seem to work. My 2nd I was in labour 3 hours, only in hospital 20 mins before delivered, with no pain relief at all, could not believe it, it was so easy and he was 9lb 3oz. sounds painful, but definately not, we are ttc no 3.

LIZS Wed 06-Jul-05 12:08:41

My second labour was completely different to first. ds was an awkward position, long labour with painful contractions for the latter 6 hours although had been more manageable the previous 12, decelerating heartbeat, ventouse. With dd it was a much more gentle build up, but then very intense for an hour and a half.

biglips Wed 06-Jul-05 12:22:31

fingers cross that it will be easier than my first

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