Is it true that some women can't carry boys?

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allthreerolledintoone Tue 19-Jan-10 18:05:24

and if so can the same be said about carrying girls??? My friend has 3 girls and in between she's had alot of miscarriages. She thinks that she may have been carrying boys for most of them and thats whay she miscarried.Ive heard someone say this before but never about not be able to carry a girl.

rosieposey Tue 19-Jan-10 18:07:22

Never heard of that before hmm i might have believed it after three girls but DS put paid to that last Feb, you should have seen my face at the scan grin

xkatyx Tue 19-Jan-10 18:20:09

I have heard that if you miscarry it is usualy a boy as it is the weeker sperm and isnt as strong as the female one, but this could be totally wrong!

glasgal Tue 19-Jan-10 18:28:50

My Mum was a midwife and used to say that male pregnancies were more likely to miscarry/ be premature/ be stillborn/ die. There is a higher risk of abnormalities/disabilities in boys, which is usually the cause of the above.

xkatyx Tue 19-Jan-10 18:32:19

How fab must it be to have a mum as a midwife, i would proberly end up driving my mum nust lol

allthreerolledintoone Tue 19-Jan-10 18:36:10

Ah thankyou that is really interesting-ididnt know if it was just another wives tale

MarineIguana Tue 19-Jan-10 18:40:52

I've never thought about it before, but in several historical cases I've heard of where a man really wanted a male heir (eg Henry VIII), there are lots of cases of the wife having healthy girls but losing any boys she conceived. (Doubly to have mcs/stillbirths and be put under pressure for it too).

My DHs friends (ex) wife says she could only carry girls, but then she also said she had had 19 miscarriages so am unsure.

sparklyrainbow Tue 19-Jan-10 18:51:08

Dr Henrietta Svarre Nielsen, who led the research, said: "It is known that when a female carries a male, it is strange to her immune system.

"And up to 22 years later, you can pick up cells in her immune system which act against males.

"Carrying a male baby is normally tolerated - but in some cases, that obviously goes wrong."

from here, quite interesting article

BBC Boy babies raise miscarriage risk

Fairygodmother1 Tue 19-Jan-10 18:56:02

A friend told me she couldn't carry girls as she had mc through each of her 3 boys. She now has 2 girls & no miscarriages around the time of their conception so I'm sceptical.[hmmm]

I know two people who have had stillbirths, one was a boy & one was a girl.

It seems to be a bit hit & miss this ttc lark!

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