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The Birmingham gender clinic-an experience or horror stories?

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Nottsmum2 Sat 10-May-14 08:11:08

Hi, I just came across your post from 2010, about PGD for gender selection. Can you please provide me with some information about the procedure, cost and your experience? Thanks.

dco303 Fri 06-Sep-13 00:54:32

Hi, hope you had success in your second attempt and I was wondering if you could tell me where and what your experience was of the clinic and the procedure. X

maya76 Fri 24-Dec-10 23:11:44

Hi Fulladoll,sorry to hear about your unsuccessfull treatment! Hope you get better luck next time (fingers crossed)! I am interested in pgd and i was wondering if you could provide me with details and also how the experience was like,i would be so gratefull! I will pray for you x

FullaDoll Thu 18-Nov-10 02:41:48

Hi Gloomgirl, the same thing happened to me, I lost my daughter then had 3 boys.

I have just done PGD for gender selection in the US, and although it didn't work this time (I'm not pregnant) we are going back next month for another try.

I am happy to provide details on here if you (or anybody else) is interested.

jadecolton Fri 12-Nov-10 14:17:38

Hi there,
Sorry I've only just noticed your post and realise it is from back in January.
I have been researching the gender clinic in Birmingham too but have found out it has closed down. They also took a lot of people's money without carrying out any procedures in the later months.
Not sure if there is anywhere else that does it because apparently they closed due to a change in EU laws??
Hope you are doing well.

tanmu82 Thu 21-Jan-10 14:12:44

I'm so sorry for your loss.

helenlouisey Thu 21-Jan-10 13:39:36

Oh gloomgirl I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your DD. What does your partner feel about gender selection? Might it be worth you both going to one of the clinics to an open day or to speak to someone?

gloomgirl Wed 20-Jan-10 19:40:26

No not been to either clinic and probably never would, not sure where I stand on the morals of it all.

I lost my DD 10 years ago nearly and now have 3 boys-am really struggling with the fact that I may never have that relatioship with my DD, 10 years on I realy thought I'd be better able to deal with it and really I do, its tDD's Birthday coming up at the beginning of Feb and it is always a hard day/time of year.

helenlouisey Wed 20-Jan-10 08:56:53

Have you been to visit either clinic? Why is it you want to gender select?

gloomgirl Wed 20-Jan-10 08:18:51

No, I know-I spotted the spelling mistakes toit does look a bit like a bodgit and leggit joint doesnt it?

There is another clinic offering the same sort of service in London but full on preimplantation genetic diagnosis but you have to go to their sister clinic abroad for the actual screening part.

All looks very cold to me-i also wonder how desperate I would need to be to go down this route...

helenlouisey Tue 19-Jan-10 20:38:31

Am afraid don't have any experience of it but I thought that gender selection in this country wasn't legal (except for medical reasons).

Also the website does have quite a few spelling mistakes, links incorrectly posted and the wrong Answers to some of the Questions. Does make me wonder how professional this place is?

Sorry don't mean to sound negative, am just a bit sceptical.

Just done a bit more digging and it appears that it is indeed illegal to select the gender of your child in the UK apart from when there is gender-related genetic disease which could be passed on. It seems that the only places offering 'sperm sorting' such as this Birmingham clinic, are unlicensed, private clinics. Have to say I wouldn't touch this place, it's not licensed so no one checking what practises they are adhering to etc. Sorry

gloomgirl Tue 19-Jan-10 19:09:41

Or about sperm sorting in general?

gloomgirl Tue 19-Jan-10 14:09:34

Anyone at all?

gloomgirl Tue 19-Jan-10 11:37:51

the Birmingham Gender Clinic offers sperm sorting-in a moment of mad desperation I googled it and just wondered if any mn's had any experience or info?

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