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HAs anyone got pregnant naturally after 2+ years of trying?

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yellowflowers Mon 11-Jan-10 14:44:56


Coming to the end of our trying naturally stage and before we start clomid (hopefully) I wanted to hear any stories of people who got pregnant naturally after a long time trying.



gr8kids Mon 11-Jan-10 14:54:55

It happened with me. We were trying to just over 2 years and I lost all hope and accepted it just not meant to be. Then 2 months later I fell pregnant. Honestly our bodies get so worked up trying to get pregnant that it stops you from conceiving. I know more than anyone its easier said than done but, try relax about getting pregnant and see what happens. Soon enough you'll be pregnant. Good luck. grin

biggulp Mon 11-Jan-10 14:56:42

yes. but can you get your progesterone levels monitored. mine were low which was why it was taking so long.

SleighGirl Mon 11-Jan-10 14:58:44

Happend to a very good friend, she had had gift treatment and all sorts that didn't work, it was unexplained infertility. It took 10 years to conceive their first and about 4 years to conceive their 2nd. They had actually been approved to adopt a baby when they conceived their first.

DuelingFanjo Mon 11-Jan-10 15:13:40

I know people it has happened to, however I am on my 30th month of trying and still no success. We went onto Clomid jut over 6 months ago and I fell pregnant the first month but then miscarried so didn't have any success with that. Am now about to try I.U.I.

I think it's great when people do get pregnant after years of trying but am not always convinced it's because they just relaxed. There are lots of people who don't get pregnant however relaxed they are.

Have you had any kind of diagnosis for your infertility? Mine wis 'unexplained infertility' and still no one seems to explain it.

SpottyMaldoon Mon 11-Jan-10 15:25:58

My jobshare partner tried to get pregnant for 12 years - naturally, then clomid, ivf etc, she stopped trying after 12 years then got pregnant naturally at 43!!!!

haggisaggis Mon 11-Jan-10 15:27:37

Took us around 5 years - had had IUI (and got pregnant and m/c d twice with IUI) and in fact discovered I had got pregnant naturally the day before we had an appointment with teh consultant about starting IVF! He was able to give me a scan and confirm I was actually pregnant at teh appointment. ds born 10 eyars agon on Thursday. dd was conceived naturally about 2 years later after another m/c

yellowflowers Mon 11-Jan-10 15:29:21

Sorry - I seem to have posted this thread twice but this is the one with the most responses so lets keep this one going.

Thank you for your stories so far.

I have pcos and am overweight but tests (ovulation, sperm and tubes all fine) so now waiting for next appt and hopefully clomid. Feel like I have failed not managing naturally though...

That is great gr8kids - wow, that must have been amazing.

good luck with iui duelingfanjo - sorry about your mc. After the mc did they think clomid would work again in the months that followed?

whiteyho Mon 11-Jan-10 15:36:59

Please don't feel a failure ot having got pg 'naturally'- but I do know what you mean.
I DID become pg naturally after over two years of trying. At around the 2.3 years mark I had a couple of m/c- well blighted ovums really and was about to be referred for fertility treatment. Became pg again and have DS-2.7 yrs old now. Nothing since though... Thank God/whoever for fertility help- i would have pursued that route with vigour as I desperatlely wanted a child and now another.
Good luck to you!!

Effjay Mon 11-Jan-10 15:43:54

We tried for over 2 years and started going for tests. I went for the womb scan, which is to detect abnormalities. They injected some fluid into my womb so they could see what was going on and all was normal. The nurse who was present quietly said to me " lots of people get pregnant after this procedure". Right enough, a month later I was pregnant. It miscarried at 11 weeks (utterly devastating after all that time). I was pregnant again within one month of trying after that and I had DS1. Within three months of trying for my next child, I was pregant again, with no further problems. I have no idea what that fluid did, but it certainly opened up/flushed out something in my system that was causing the problem. Good luck. It's not an easy time.

PirateJelly Mon 11-Jan-10 15:47:25

Hi yellowflowers, I got pregnant naturally after 4 years of trying. I had been on clomid for a year with no success (I wasn't ovulating regularly and dp's sperm morphology was really really poor)

I hadn't been taking clomid for about 7 months and was waiting to go for IVF. I was majorly depressed and had given up all hope of ever getting pregnant (we'd even stopped having sex because I couldn't bear the monthly torment of am I, aren't I)

The month I got pregnant we had sex once because we got engaged wink and it was the only month I wasn't symtom spotting and thinking I was pregnant in years. I only tested because I got a free pregnancy test on mumsnet. I really had given up hope.

Anyway DS is 8 months old now, and I often forget it was so difficult to get him.

Not that I recommend this in any way, but I was so sure we wouldn't conceive that I had started going out and getting drunk, started smoking again and eating crap and near enough stopped having sex, basically the complete opposite of everything I had been doing for the last few years!! Not saying this is what you shuld do obviously but just goes to prove that when you really stop 'trying' it can happen.

Don't give up hope

ChocFudgeCake Mon 11-Jan-10 15:58:21

Hi, my dear friend got pregnant after 7 years of trying. She didn't have any treatment (apart from prayers from everyone she knew!)

whoopstheregoesmymerkin Mon 11-Jan-10 16:01:33

Three years! Have pcos, had given up hope, making appointment to see about other choices and bingo!
Second one took 2 years.

mistlethrush Mon 11-Jan-10 16:05:42

I've twice got to the top of the NHS IVF list, with appointment set for the following week to sort out final details for starting later that month - and each time got pregnant. MC 1st time, but ds is 4.5....

DuelingFanjo Mon 11-Jan-10 16:21:20

"After the mc did they think clomid would work again in the months that followed? "

to be honest, no one really told me anything. After the 1st three months were up with no success they just gave me the same dose for another 3 months. I wish I had been a bit more bolshy and asked them to test that I was still ovulating (I ovulate naturally) but I just let them decide what to do. Anyway - it didn't work but it does help a lot of people so good luck smile

DuelingFanjo Mon 11-Jan-10 16:22:48

Effjay - sounds like you had an HG? I went on clomid the month after my HSG and then got pregnant so never knew if it was the HSG or the Clomid or just a massive coincidence.

yellowflowers Mon 11-Jan-10 21:26:56

Thanks all. I had hsg and have had two periods since so unless it's third month lucky then that didn't help.

mistlethrush Mon 11-Jan-10 21:29:22

No, didn't work for me either - had HSG probably about 9 mo before 2nd time. Had resigned myself to start IVF. Both times.grin

ClaireDeLoon Mon 11-Jan-10 21:34:51

Yes - two years and a month of trying and then conceived naturally was a massive shock. Sadly it didn't work out but it has given us hope again.

PirateJelly - did you have a thread about your BFP? With the new clearblue conception indicator test? If so I remember it well, it was a lovely thread and I'm glad things went well and congrats on your DS.

yellowflowers Tue 12-Jan-10 13:35:40

Hi mistlethrush - yes I've resigned myself to ivf too. Am just waiting for my body to be fooled into thinking I'm not trying any more and then it can get pregnant before the ivf starts!

duchesse Tue 12-Jan-10 14:36:23

Yes, twice. First (2006) ended in a miscarriage, second was DD3 (2009). Over six years from ditching contraception, beginning charting and timing etc... to bringing home a live baby. No idea what changed, except that both times I got pregnant was after I started regularly running again.

mistlethrush Tue 12-Jan-10 15:29:48

Duchesse - snap on timescales!

Yellowflowers - hope it works. However, I had given up hope 1st time. 2nd time certainly wasn't expecting it (sounds silly I know, but had mp after mc 1st time, so things definitely not straight forward).

Spacefrog Tue 12-Jan-10 15:45:14

We tried two years and one month. We had tests after one year that revealed problems but I couldn't face IVF. So we went to a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor and I got pregnant two months later!
You hear a lot of success stories about accupuncture and TTC, and mine is one of them.

Good luck with IVF. I've heard that accupuncture can help you relax and increase chances of success if you have IVF.

You just need to make your research and find a good TCM doctor that you trust. Check that they're registered with one of the bodies and try and get recommendations. TCM in wrong hands can be dangerous.

mistlethrush Tue 12-Jan-10 15:46:13

SPacefrog - I was going to a Chineese herbalist when I got pregnant 2nd time...

kys Tue 12-Jan-10 15:58:31

I tried for 14 very very long years, every treatment failed. I got pregnant naturally, total surprise and i'm now a mum to a very loved very precious (probably a little spoiled) 5yr old.
Never give up hope.

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