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Cervical erosion...

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Wuxiapian Sun 10-Jan-10 12:14:50

Am I still able to conceive as normal?

Many thanks in advance.

Wuxiapian Sun 10-Jan-10 13:47:33

A (very hopeful) bump!

Cerubina Sun 10-Jan-10 18:44:16

That's a pretty brief synopsis for anyone to comment on! But in answer to your question, I believe so - I have an erosion and it bleeds mid-cycle which was concerning me. The doctor said just plough on as normal, don't worry about it. The main issues with it really are a) being a bit icky for sex and b) making it hard to detect fertile CM, but if your cycle is regular and you know when you ovulate, that may not be a problem for you. My doctor said the only treatment would be cryotherapy and she would be reluctant to do that in case it affected the CM production.

tadjennyp Sun 10-Jan-10 19:41:26

Hi Cerubina, sorry for the hijack, just wanted to ask if your bleeding continues from mid-cycle until your AF actually comes? I'm TTC dc3 at 37 and just worried that my eggs are passed their sell-by-date as I only have about 10 clear days a month. Anyone else have this problem?

tadjennyp Sun 10-Jan-10 21:19:33


intravenouscoffee Sun 10-Jan-10 21:27:59

I only bleed for about 4 days before AF but have had the erosion for 10 years and currently pregnant with DC2. Both conceived remarkably quickly so from personal experience it definitely didn't cause any problems. Not sure if that's any help. Like I say it's only my experience.

tadjennyp Mon 11-Jan-10 00:01:17


slowshow Mon 11-Jan-10 09:25:50

I've been told it's completely harmless. Basically, it's where the more delicate cells that line the inside of the cervix start to grow on the outside, and because they're delicate they're prone to bleeding. I get spotting for 4-5 days before my period starts - it doesn't mean that the cervix is actually eroding away.

The nurse who did my last smear said they would only consider treating it if the bleeding got worse. I don't fancy getting my cervix cauterised though hmm

Wuxiapian Mon 11-Jan-10 09:34:48

I actually had cautery to the cervix about 7 years ago.

But, the ast 2/3 years, I've been getting intermittent spotting/bleeding after sex and a brown discharge a few days before and after my monthly period.

Am trying to conceive and wondering if any extra discharge/mucus could prohibit this.

Have been "not preventing pregnancy" for about 3 years and actively ttc for 6 months and still no pregnancy.

How long do I leave it before seeing my GP about it and what tests could he do?

Thanks again.

Cerubina Mon 11-Jan-10 09:34:55

My mid-cycle bleeding really varies. Sometimes it is obvious that it's been triggered by sex but at other times it seems spontaneous, and both the heaviness and duration vary. I am 37 as well, tadjennyp, and must admit the thought of deteriorating fertility has crossed my mind too! I believe it is not uncommon though in women who were on the pill for a long time, it is not (of itself) a sign that you becoming past it.

Marne Mon 11-Jan-10 09:37:41

Hi, i had cervical erosion whilst pg with both dd's, in the past 6 months i have had bleeding a week before AF so i assume this is caused by erosion. I conceived dd2 after having it with dd1 so i would say it shouldn't be a problem.

Cerubina Mon 11-Jan-10 09:39:43

Wuxiapian you are definitely able to go to the doctor now since you have effectively been trying (if not always actively) for well over a year. It is worth mentioning your bleeding but since there may be other things to investigate try to make sure your doctor doesn't only focus on it, but refers you for day 3 and day 21 blood tests as a starting point. Your OH should also ask for a referral for a semen analysis. I don't know how old you are, but GPs are supposed to take this stuff seriously if you have been trying for more than a year (under 35) or more than six months (over 35).

Good luck.

Niecie Mon 11-Jan-10 09:40:27

I had one a few years ago and used to bleed just before my period was due - it was like a mini period just before the real thing. It did stop me conceiving for a while but only because it took me a while to realise that the strange bleeding was not part of my cycle but something else. I was working out my fertile days incorrectly as a result.

Once I had seen a doctor and had the erosion diagnosed, and worked out my new fertile days I got pregnant the next month so no it shouldn't affect conception.

As far as I know, from the doctors and the Net, it isn't a big deal at all and usually clears up all by itself.

Good luck.

Wuxiapian Mon 11-Jan-10 10:22:16

Cerubina, I had full blood tests a few months ago which tested hormone levels/thyroid etc, as I've been losing a lot of hair - all came back as normal.

What would a day 3 and day 21 blood test show?

I'm almost 32.

Really appreciate you taking the time.

tadjennyp Mon 11-Jan-10 16:45:59

Are you still losing hair? Are they trying to investigate other reasons for hair loss Wuxiapian? I should go down to the GP and explain everything that is happening as not getting pregnant is frustrating at best. I had v heavy periods before wanting to conceive dd and as I was already in the system I was treated for infertility sooner. Was prescribed Clomid and got pregnant first month! As you're already being seen for something that could be related, they may see you sooner? Fingers crossed for you.

Wuxiapian Mon 11-Jan-10 20:35:55

Hi, tadjennyp.

Still losing hair, yes - have been for past couple years - rapidly past 14/15 months.

I've seen an endocrinolist - thyroid/hormone levels fine. A dermatoligist who said there's no irritation to the scalp or sign of infection and that it's probably all down to physiology and I was meant to shed all this hair (?!)

Went back to my GP, had repeat blood tests and he can't see a reason as to why it's happening. He referred me back to dermatology - I'm waiting for an appointment.

How long've you been TTC with DC3??

tadjennyp Tue 12-Jan-10 17:37:26

It's awful when they can't provide an answer for you. Has the GP made any link between your hair loss and TTC?
I've only been TTC for around 3 months but with all the bleeding I can't work out when I am ovulating, if indeed I am properly, as I wasn't before the Clomid treatment. I think I would be disappointed if dc3 didn't come along, but very grateful for the two I already do have.

tadjennyp Thu 14-Jan-10 18:33:15

Well, it's certainly not happening this month as AF has arrived with a vengeance. Going to console myself with a latte and a croissant and hope that it doesn't spoil my WW weigh-in tonight!

Wuxiapian Fri 15-Jan-10 00:00:17


You enjoy your little indulgence.

I saw locum GP this evening - typical, my GP was off - and told him about problem conceiving aswel as continuing hairloss.

He checked all my blood test results and confirmed everything being normal.

I have appointment with my GP monday morn. Locum thinks it's either 2 or 3 years without conceiving that GP will refer to fertility.

Really beginning to worry now.

Will you see your GP again, tadjenny?

tadjennyp Fri 15-Jan-10 05:37:51

I hope that your GP doesn't fob you off on Monday Wuxiapian. However, worrying is only counterproductive and the best thing you can do is arm yourself with information. That way you can at least ask the right questions. Perhaps you could exaggerate how long you've been trying a little?

I'm in the States so it's a little more complicated going to the docs as even when I check with the insurance company that I am allowed to go to a certain place, there seems to be some mistake that I end up paying for. Will try again this month armed with some of the info I have gained from this thread, then see where I go from here.

Good luck on Monday and don't forget to update us.

tadjennyp Mon 18-Jan-10 17:16:15

What did the GP say Wuxiapian? Was he helpful?

Wuxiapian Mon 18-Jan-10 20:50:45

Hi, tadjennyp.

How's things? Hope you're clearer/less icky and back on the saddle, so to speak!

Saw GP. He's referring me to see a gynaecologist at the hospital.

I didn't know, but if any fertility prob is mine, as I already have one son, I'd not get any help on the NHS and my DP would only get a sperm analysis if my gynae called for him to have one.

How long've you been having the blood loss and is it slight spotting or like a period and do you know what's causing it?

tadjennyp Mon 18-Jan-10 22:30:00

Hi wuxiapian.

Do you mean they wouldn't even prescribe clomid, for example? Perhaps understandably not IVF given current funding problems, but there are other treatments that are far less costly and evasive. I hope the gynae is able to work out what's going on or that you fall pg while waiting for the appt!

The bleeding lasts about 7-10 days before my actual period starts but it's far worse when we do it! Not to put you off your tea but there's no time for romantic afterglow/cuddling! I may have to give it a go this month if I take up some of the advice on this thread.

Good luck to us both!

Wuxiapian Tue 19-Jan-10 17:10:34

tadjennyp, 7-10 days pre period means you're clear(er) mid month - the most fertile time! Sorry to be crude, but, are you at it regularly?

My AF came today. Tut. I was gutted - I felt different this month, too. Oh well...

GP only mentioned IVF, but, I guess I'll be informed a little better (hopefully) at gynae appointment.

Good luck this month, girl!!

tadjennyp Tue 19-Jan-10 20:47:19

Not regularly enough in my book, but with a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old it can be hard to find the energy when a snuggle last thing at night is just lovely! Sorry about AF sad and I know what you mean about feeling different. I sometimes wonder if the egg and the sperm did meet just didn't implant, though there's no way of knowing and I shouldn't get hung up about it! Oh well, nose to the grindstone (or the pillow) again! I hope you get your gynae appt soon.

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