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How long did it take you to conceive aged 34+?

(75 Posts)
terrier141 Sat 09-Jan-10 13:37:24

Ok Im 34 - I have 2 dc's aged 10 and 8 but would desparately love to have another within a loving relationship. I am not ttc at the mo because circumstances are not right, am just starting to panic that I might be running out of time? What do you think? If I do find the right circumstances how likely is it to happen and how long is it likely to take? Any advice appreciated, thanks xx

happyatlast Sat 09-Jan-10 16:05:30

Well if it helps, I had my 10 yr old daughter when I was 25, then my 5 yr old son when I was 30, then I decided last year I wanted a third. I turned 35 March last year, and I got pregnant the first month I tried. I am now nearly 34 weeks pregnant with my 2nd daughter. smile

I thought it would be harder cos obviousy they say your fertility drops once you hit 35 but I didnt have any problems.

Hope this helps. smile

benfmsmum Sat 09-Jan-10 16:14:26

I had my first (and only!) ds at 36. Took about 4 months ttc. Don't know of the official statistics etc but this is how it worked for me!! smile

pagwatch Sat 09-Jan-10 16:17:01

I had DD when I was 41.
It took one month. Seriously . We decided to try and I was imediately pregnant.
But then I got pregnant imediately with the first two.
Did you concieve easily with the first two?

coolma Sat 09-Jan-10 16:17:57

I had my scond at 35, and it took about a month, my final was conceived when I was forty - no trying at all!! A huge shock!

pokemonmum Sat 09-Jan-10 16:22:12

I was almose 35 with 2 dc's aged 13 and 9, got pregnant the first month of trying for my 3rd ds. Certainly no fertility probs for me, i do however think lifestyle plays a part (i'm a non drinker & non smoker).

Keziahhopes Sat 09-Jan-10 16:22:40

Been tryng 16mths, aged 34 for first child. ~Other side of the coin.

HoneyPetal Sat 09-Jan-10 16:29:05

As someone who is currently working out when/if to try (Im nearly 33), I think it comes down to the individual as to if you struggle or not when, erm, increasing in age. We all know the stats, but it's all about personal circumstances and biology etc etc. My fertility is untested, so I may be in for a nasty shock, but you have already had kids which is probably a good sign!

If only there was a fully working gen-u-ine crystal ball.....

FlyMeToDunoon Sat 09-Jan-10 16:29:22

Two years+ with the first two at 35 and 40 but then there was quite a big gap between them anyway.
Then conceived No3 accidentally after 15months gap at age of 41

MamaMimi Sat 09-Jan-10 16:34:50

Took us 12 months to conceive dd2, I was only just 36 when we started.

When I did become pg and saw my consultant he asked me how long we'd been trying for, I told him and he said that it sounded about what he'd expect!

Myself and dp have come to the conclusion tho' that I have to be feeling unwell to conceive. ie, that my body fights off his sperm normally but if i'm ill and my immune system is already busy fighting illness, enough swimmers can get thru'!! grin

cece Sat 09-Jan-10 16:35:32

33 - 7 MONTHS

36 - 2 months

2 accidental pg at 38 and 40

41 - 8 months

Rindercella Sat 09-Jan-10 16:38:36

I had DD1 when I was 37 - who took about 4 months to conceive.

I am now expecting DD2 (due about 6 wks before my 40th b'day), who took about 6 months to conceive.

BelleDameSansMerci Sat 09-Jan-10 16:42:53

At age 41 I had Mirena coil removed. I was pregnant within a month. Completely accidentally...!

BecauseImWorthIt Sat 09-Jan-10 16:45:41

At 33 - second pregnancy - took one attempt and I conceived. Sadly, I miscarried. DS2 was conceived the first month and first attempt, once I was given the all clear to TTC. I was 34.

lucybrad Sat 09-Jan-10 18:36:57

dtwins at 35 took 6 months. currently ttc number 3 and just about to start the fifth cycle.

MandaHugNKiss Sun 10-Jan-10 01:43:40

Aged 35 I had my mirena removed, after nine years, and was charting.

First month, nada.
Second month DP away for almost ten days (during which time I O'd, obviously hmm)
Third month, bfp.

So technically, two months as there was no attempt in my second cycle. I do, however, have two children who were conceived easily (if a long time ago!) so my fertility, like yours, is 'proven' - it's a good sign!

The main thing to consider if you're worried is your own lifestyle (I'm pretty clean living - non smoker, moderate drinker, healthy weight) and whether you'd be with a different partner with unproven fertility.

solo Sun 10-Jan-10 01:51:21

As daft as it sounds, my fertility seemed to improve with age. I couldn't get pg from 20 to 32 ~ then got pg, mc'd and then had Ds at 34. Pg again at just shy of 41, mc'd then had Dd just before age 43.
Hoping to find Mr Right and have another...I'm almost 46!

Concordia Sun 10-Jan-10 02:22:15

DS 1 was 31, conceived in 6 weeks
DD was conceived on my 34th birthday i think grin. had been ttc for 7-8 months or so.
but then i have pcos and DH is 46.
I found watching what i ate seemed to work (because of pcos i think)
i read that 7-8 months is average for 34 year old.

WhatSheSaid Sun 10-Jan-10 02:35:19

Aged 35 - took 3 months

Aged 38 - took 15 months

Jacksmama Sun 10-Jan-10 03:07:05

First month we tried, at age 38.

poguemahone Sun 10-Jan-10 03:12:52

Aged 31: 12 months
Aged 33: immediately
Aged 35: 1 month

So I improved with age. I think it was lifestyle-related: I started to eat really well and stopped drinking after I conceived my first. I also saw more of DH during fertile times when I stopped traveling for work.

DawnAS Mon 11-Jan-10 10:05:03

Very similar to BecauseI'mWorthIt.

Conceived first month of trying just after 34th birthday. Miscarried at 5 weeks PG. 6 weeks later was PG again with my now 7 month old DD.

Everyone is different - there are no set rules. Between the ages of 21 and 38, Mum had five of us. Tried for 5 years at one stage with no luck, but then the last one when she was 38, she got PG straight away! No rhyme or reason to it.

Good Luck! grin

terrier141 Mon 11-Jan-10 10:05:22

Thanks - this is really encouraging stuff! Think I'd just panicked myself by looking at statistics too much!! I was preg straight away with dd andt took 3mths with ds - so hopefully I wont have too much trouble. That is if the circumstances are ever right! Aargh! xx

neolara Mon 11-Jan-10 10:07:34

I was pregnant 7 times between the ages of 34 and 39. The longest it took to get pregnant was 4 months and a couple of times I got pregnant first month of trying.

skihorse Mon 11-Jan-10 10:40:06

I'm writing this because I'm not sure this thread is being particularly realistic right now. It's really wonderful that so many of you have conceived so quickly but that is absolutely not par for the course and I'd hate for anyone to be reading this and assuming it's a piece of piss for every woman at this age.

I started TTC at 34, first BFP at 7 months (early mc), 2nd at 12. This is by far not an unusual set of statistics as a cursory glance at almost any of the TTC topics would indicate... however I fear you're not wanting to hear these statistics, but instead just want to hear the quick success stories.

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