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What are the chances ....

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AnyoneKnow Fri 01-Jul-05 16:59:16

of becoming pregnant if you have sex the day after your period finnished ???

soapbox Fri 01-Jul-05 20:25:48

Not great - but my DS is living proof that it can and does happen

AnyoneKnow Sat 02-Jul-05 19:57:29

Hmmm right ok, should really learn to keep my legs crossed i think

Oh well what will be will be i guess.

maddyd Sat 02-Jul-05 20:39:59

I would think you could as if you have a seven day period and the fishes live for 5 days it takes you very close to ovulation. Depends if you ovulate early i supose. Def can happen.

AnyoneKnow Sat 02-Jul-05 20:42:39

My cycle is usually about 32 days and this time my period was 4/5 days long.

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