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Anyone know of clinics who do IVF for women with bmi over 35?

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yellowflowers Tue 05-Jan-10 18:00:25

No lectures or tutting please. I know the stats and the risks.

Am just wondering if you know of any ivf clinics in London that treat women with bmi over 35 - or do they all if you are paying privately?

galathea Fri 26-Apr-13 20:25:00

Hi, was you able to get an answer to your question? I am interested in the same. Lost a stone but can't move the needle any further and the clock is ticking. Private clinics?

ScarlettInSpace Sat 27-Apr-13 09:53:11

Even if you're paying I wouldn't assume they would do, clinics will always have their stats in mind, some are quite blatant about being very restrictive in who they treat so that statistically they look amazing and are held up as the 'best in the country' so long as you fit into a certain box and can charge double everywhere else.

I can't answer your specific question but its important to look past the stats sometimes and find somewhere that suits your needs. Having said that, whether you're paying or not you can't escape the health risks & no consultant worth his/her medical badge would embark on treatment that poses too great a risk to the individual and I'd be wary of anyone that did to be honest.

If I was you, I'd get a list of the clinics you could consider in your area & ring round, see if you can get an appt to discuss, everyone is different ateotd!

NorthernLurker Sat 27-Apr-13 10:09:22

I think, aside from the significant risks, one of the reasons for not offering IVF to women with a high BMI is because lowering BMI alone in some women will lead to them being able to conceive.

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