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Pregnancy after IUD removal

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jeanniejelly Tue 05-Jan-10 15:06:15

Hi everyone,

I'm really hoping someone has some light to shed on my predicament so here goes...

I had my copper IUD removed on 23rd December and my last period before this was 9th December. After I had my coil removed I bled for about a day but that was it and it wasn't like a period. Before removal, I always had either a 26 or 27 day cycle. I'm now late (just) although I've been having mild stomach cramps, backache, bloating and frequent urination for a few days (although these symptoms seem to have subsided today apart from the backache) but still no sign of my period. I've done 2 pregnancy tests but they were both negative and I wouldn't have expected to fall pregnant in the same month as my coil was removed although I know it's a possibility.

So my question are:-
1)Assuming I'm not pregnant already, should IUD removal (my IUD was the copper type with no hormones) affect your cycle in this way 2) As I bled when the IUD was removed (around the time I was ovulating) should I just assume that next month, being as we're trying to conceive, I'll ovulate at the same time as I would have done if the coil had stayed in or will I have to wait for my period and take it from there?
2) Being as we had unprotected sex both before and after the removal of the coil, could I be pregnant even with the bleeding when the coil was removed

I'm really confused and can't seem to find much out about this on the internet as most of the info is about the Mirena type IUD with the hormones. Any help / experiences would be much appreciated as I'm starting to get a bit worried that there's something wrong now.

Sorry for the long post blush

hebamme Tue 05-Jan-10 15:36:52

hi Jeanniejelly

That 1st bleed could potentially be an ovulation bleed, as it was with 10-14 days following your period. I would suggest continuing with trying to get pregnant as you've had 2 tests that show you are not. If your cyle was very regular prior to removal of the IUD then there's no reason why it shouldn't continue in the same vain.

If you are pregnant, then congrats. It takes 3 days for sperm to mature and approx 3 days for those wigglies to get to the egg. There fore the best time to go for it is approx 2 days prior to ovulation and with your partner not having had any action for 3 days! Good Luck

jeanniejelly Tue 05-Jan-10 16:02:40

I've never heard of an ovulation bleed, I just assumed it was bleeding as a result of the removal of the coil (it had been in there for 7 years so it'd probably got comfy smile.

I think there's only a _very slim_ possibility that I'm pregnant but I read somewhere today that the coil only stops implantation of the fertilised egg NOT fertilisation itself so if the egg was fertilised before removal it could have implanted after which is something that my GP didn't mention!

I didn't realise that the non-hormonal coil could mess your cycle up, I just assumed it would carry on as normal! I suppose I'll just have to wait and see smile

Muser Tue 05-Jan-10 16:09:02

Hi Jeannie. I had a copper IUD up until last year when we decided it was baby time. The bleed you got when it was removed probably wasn't ovulation bleeding and was due to having the coil out. I had a bit of spotting after mine was taken out, and when it was put in.

My cycle went back to normal straight away so I can't really comment on that. But I think sometimes you just get funny months and notice them more when you're paying attention to your cycle.

You can get pregnant straight away after your coil is removed, the nurse who took mine out told me that. I think that's why some places remove them during your period. Because sperm survive for a few days they can journey along and realise there's no barrier.

I think the coil does make fertilisation more difficult, as well as stopping implantation. I think the chance of getting pregnant is more about sperm hanging around rather than an already fertilised egg implanting.

It must be frustrating, but wait a few more days and test again. Good luck!

jeanniejelly Tue 05-Jan-10 16:24:47

Thanks Muser (and Hebamme),

I'm sure it's just a blip and I'm not in any rush to get pregnant but I've never been late before except when have been pregnant and I have struggled to find anyone who has had anything other than the Merina type coil so I was getting a bit anxious about what was going on down there. My GP didn't really tell me anything about what would happen to my cycle after removal, he's not very communicative to be honest. I think I'll give it a week and then perhaps do another test if my little friend hasn't visited wink

jeanniejelly Tue 05-Jan-10 16:30:52

...thinking about it, my backache could be due to sitting at this computer for the best part of today looking for info on copper coils. Most of the sites were about ironmongery! Lol

paulamarie27 Thu 07-Jan-10 19:16:11

Hi jeanniejelly....

I am in a similar situation to you!... I am 27, I had my copper IUD for 2 years and had it removed on 11th December, I had my period 25th December and ovualted either today or yesterday... I have been taking pregnancy tests but all have been negative! I am hoping that as I am fertile now when I take a test in a couple of weeks it will be positive. I too haven't been able to find much info on people who have had copper IUD. Good luck getting pregnant. Will you let me know how you get on... and I will too. Take care, Paula

jeanniejelly Sat 09-Jan-10 16:10:36

Just an update on my situation in case anyone's interested...

It is now 32 days since my last period and no sign of it arriving either. I took another pregnancy test (well 2 actually :-0) this morning and both were negative. I am now thinking about buying shares in First Response if everyone who's missed there period spends as much on tests as I have in the last week lol. Anyway, I have NEVER been this late before but I assume that if I WERE pregant it would be detectable by now so I'm guessing that I'm not.

Now I don't know when (or even if) I'll be ovulating this month or when my next period will be which is a bit of a hinderance when your TTC! My doctor said that my cycle should return to normal "in the next few months" and that it's "unusual" for it not to return straight away which is clealy very helpful...not. What is going on down there is a mystery to which I suspect the answer is "not much at the moment" Ho hum

Lilolee Sun 10-Jan-10 20:23:06


I am in the same situation as you Jeannie. I had the IUD fitted a year ago and had it taken out end of November. Whilst the coil was fitted, my periods were 28 days on the dot. Since it was removed, I have had 1 period which was 5 days late so calculating ovulation was/is tricky. Like you, I assumed that the coil would not interfere with my cycle but it obviously can do.

Lets hope our cycles settle down very quickly! Good luck

jeanniejelly Thu 14-Jan-10 14:48:36

Just a last word from me in case anyone comes across this thread at a later date who's had their coil removed but no period...I finally got my period on 12th Janaury which made it a whopping 35 day cycle. I am relieved to be honest as we have now decided that, due to our current financial situation, we're going to wait until May to start TTC when we've moved house and are hopefully a bit better off. However, the problem is now that I don't know when I'll ovulate this month and since we can't use other birth control (I can't take hormonal contraception and I'm allergic to latex!!), it's going to be a bit of a lottery so I suppose I might be back on these boards sooner than I think wink

bettyfboo Wed 30-Oct-13 21:32:33

Hello I was wondering if someone could help me! I found this thread and signed up after endless googling to try and find what the heck is going on with me! But I'm not sure if anyone will get this?

Ok so I had my coil removed mid September and I am yet to have a period.
I have had unprotected intercourse with my fiancé so I know there may be a chance of pregnancy yet I haven't had a positive pregnancy test.
The main thing telling me I'm not is the fact I have zero pregnancy symptoms.
Its coming up to the 8th week (48 days) without a period so you can imagine I am getting a bit stressed!

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated!


AlessiaRilli Fri 29-Nov-13 02:55:21

Hello, I have the same situation as Bettyfboo. My last period ended October 21, the coil removed on October 22 and no period yet. It's 43 days now. Did anyone have anything similar? So scared that maybe IUD did some damage.

Thank you.

MrsW0931 Fri 29-Nov-13 14:40:24

it aparently says on the mirena website (not sure if you had the mirena coil?) that it can take up to 12 months for your cycle to get back to normal so i wouldnt worry just yet. Doctor told some ladies on here to go back to them after 3 months if you still havent had a period so give it another month.
Im sure itl appear sooner or later! - or better still, you may be pregnant grin

I had mine out on wednesday and im now strarting that road of the long wait for the first so impatient already

AlessiaRilli Tue 03-Dec-13 13:57:14

It wasn’t a Mirena, it was a copper IUD. The doctor told me that this kind of IUD should not affect my period and that it should be normal. He sent me for a blood test to determine pregnancy. It was negative. I also did a couple of tests at home – all negative.

MrsW0931 Tue 03-Dec-13 15:12:11

it may just be your body returning to normal. doctors say give it 3 months and if you have no period then go back to them as you may need something to help them return. Unless your pregnant ofcourse.
I had my coil out 6 days ago, 4 days after it was removed i got what i thought was my period but the next morning it stopped and ive had nothing more since. so now im confused too!

The waiting to get back to normal game is hard!

pinklady456 Tue 07-Oct-14 16:38:45

Hi had my last period starting the sixth of September it's now the seventh October I have had spotting I took the copper coil out around the 13th September i am now three days late but got negative test this morning could I be pregnant me and the other have had intercourse everyday at least once every night getting heart burn normally if I'm not pregnant I have my period straight after I've taken the test but not this time I am so frustrated by this anyone been pregnant straight away after the copper coil please let me know any information would be appreciated thanks smile

Katie1705 Sun 12-Oct-14 19:34:42

Hi. After abit of help/advice! I had my copper iud removed on 21st aug, my last period previous to removal was 17th aug. The nurse said i would continue periods as normal. On 11th sept i had what i thought was my next period but the next day i had nothing. I was due my period on 9th oct but now 4 days later i still have nothing. Iv done a few pregnancy tests and all have been negative! Where is my period?!

Coxy86 Wed 15-Oct-14 00:06:09

I had my last period on the 11th of September and had my coil taken out on Friday the 26th September I was due on my period on the 9th of October I'm now 6 days late I've done 2 pregnancy tests which are negative starting to worry as I'm never late and we are wanting to start a family how do I calaulate my ovulation help!!!!!!

dalny Sun 19-Oct-14 09:23:07

Same here, first day of my last period was 22 sept, iud (copper)removed on 24 sept during my period, the nurse said that better to remove with the period, less pain and easy to remove. My 25 days cycle due on 16/17 oct, i did get spots on those days, i thought ok my period coming as usual 25 days cycle, well no it didnt happen, today 19 oct I did a perg test which was negative, i have no idea where my period and my ovulation days have gone, i see that i am not the only one with same issue, that relaxes me a bit but still i need my period so i know the fertile and ovulation dates, my partner and i have been working hard on the baby making thing, now we are just lost with the days, well we will keep trying...

holland1234 Sat 07-Mar-15 09:07:01

Can please anyone comment back if they had their periods back. My life has been pretty much upside down after taking the iud out. I am 23 years old and had copper iud for 1 year. Had an suspect ed iud and took antibiotics terimethoprim for it. I have been unwell for a month and a week now. The antibiotics messed my system up. I have done 7 pregnancy test negative. And its been two weeks I am late for my periods. I am panicked so much and crying all the time for no reason. So desperate to get pregnant stressing my husband to the max aswell.

Has anyone got their periods eventually, Please reply I would be so grateful. Xxx

Marybcd17 Sat 21-Jan-17 14:26:38

Hiya I've had my copper coil removed a week one day n had bleed 2 days after it last 5 to 6 days would that count as my period before coil I didn't get my period very month was like 3 to 4 month I would get it have had a bit of spotting day don't know what going on has this happen any one else? Would like to her from some one bout many thanks

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