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popadums Thu 30-Jun-05 09:23:28

Hi everyone. Our 2nd attempt of IUI has just failed and our world had fallen apart. They can't find anything wrong with either of us and we have done everything imaginable to come this far, i.e no smoking, no drinking, no exercise, no spices, no citrus....the list goes on!
Is there any truth in that the 3rd attempt of IUI usually works, or as anyone any other ideas???

MeerkatsUnite Thu 30-Jun-05 09:37:28


Am sorry to read about the second IUI. It can take several attempts if it is going to work at all and by that time most people have had more than enough.

I would ask what tests you both have had done to date and when they were last performed. I ask this as any result over six months old is considered to be out of date. Also some tests that can pinpoint the exact problem are not always done. I can list some tests that are often missed.

Why was IUI recommended in the first place?. Do you feel you have both been adequately investigated to date?. Are you under the care of a NHS centre or a private clinic?.

popadums Fri 01-Jul-05 12:41:38

Hi MeerkatsUnite

We're on the NHS and she has had blood tests, tube tests etc and all fine. He has healthy sample to. She produces one big folicle every month anyway, all the gonal f seems to do is produce an extra half a dozen or so, small ones that are about 7mm each.
We're thinking of having the 3rd attampt private but if we've missed any tests, we would rather have them first.
Thanks for your reply.

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