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It's me again, thinking I am...

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lovecloud Mon 27-Jun-05 21:10:16

Every month I think I'm pregnant not that I am trying... supposed to be waiting until the end of this year.

Since yesterday I have been feeling sick like my stomach is flipping after going on a fair ground ride. I have a child already but I cant remember what pregnancy sickness feels like (refuse to call it morning sickness after exper all day sickness first time around )
I have also been more senstive to smell and kept complaining of smells today that my dh could not smell.

I am also exhausted and look drained.

I am not sure if I just have a stomach bug as I do feel so queasy.

Later on today I worked out that I am actually due on this Saturday/Sunday so I am not sure if that is the reason for feeling so rough but it does not explain the sickness feeling.

When working out my period due date, I realised that we had full sex with no protection 2 days after I finished my last period and four time since but he pulled out well in advance. (Hate saying that)

So the big question, do you think its possible I could be pregnant?

I know we can ovalate more than once in a cycle but is it possible to ovalate so close to the end of a period.

I did actually send him out to buy a test this evening but out local chemist who opens late had shut early!

I feel silly buying another test,I cant say how many I have bought in the last few years. I am due on end of this week so why cant I just wait?!?!

One thing that makes me think I am not pregnant is that surely I would not feel sick at this stage as I would only be about 4 weeks?

lovecloud Mon 27-Jun-05 21:26:31

anyone round who can help?

starlover Mon 27-Jun-05 21:27:39

if you've had unprotected sex 5 times then yes. you could be pregnant.

precome can contain sperm. so even if your partner pulls out before he ejaculates you can still get pregnant,

starlover Mon 27-Jun-05 21:27:55

ph and i had pg symptoms at aropund 4 weeks

lovecloud Mon 27-Jun-05 21:34:32

I cant tell you how many times I have felt sick before coming on so I dont want to get too excited but I really do feel queasy.

Dh and I have had the same food that last few days and he does not feel sick.

Since our dd was born, we have not used protection, at first we used breastfeeding as contraception and then when I stopped there was no sex and then slowly we have built up to once a week sometimes more only using the withdrawl method so it has worked well so far.

If I am not pregnant than I must have a stomach bug.

lovecloud Mon 27-Jun-05 21:43:02


pinklilith Mon 27-Jun-05 21:59:43

I know how you feel, I don't have regular periods, do I don't know what to think at the moment, I ma cd40, but not sign of period, random feelings of nausea, puffy ankles and fingers and tiredness. Unfortunately all could be partially blamed on the heat. I know where you are coming from. How are you coping?

lovecloud Tue 28-Jun-05 12:14:19


I am not going to give in and buy a pregnancy test. My period is due end of this week so will just have to wait and see.

I am still feeling queasy but I have the feeling in my stomach like I normally do just before I come on iykwim. Not cramps just a churning feeling...

Can you still get those feelings and be pregnant. I have been trying to think of all the things I have eaten that may have made me feel sick.

If I was pregnant I would be delighted, I have been fighting wanting a baby for over a year now. Everyone around me seems to be having babies and I long for that amazing feeking when you hold your own baby and smell their skin and the pure enjoyment you get from watching them develop over the weeks until they turn into an entertaining little bossy person

But it would not be the right time financially for us (never is, I know we would cope but it would be nice to feel more secure first before we have a second child.

I do this every month, If I am... no, I cant be... If I am... blah blah blah

... but I MIGHT BE

lovecloud Tue 28-Jun-05 12:28:19

Did you get tummy pains even when pregnant near the time you were due?

lovecloud Tue 28-Jun-05 15:04:05

Well I gave in a bought first response test on sale at Superdrug and guess what?... I'm not

I am stupid for doing it as it says it can detect the pregnancy hormone up to 4 days before due date and today for me is 5 days before due date but could I hang out until tomorrow? NO... I always do it to myself

When I was at the bank, I came over a bit giddy and I have been feeling sicky all day so what is going on???

This is exactly how I felt first time around but did not feel sick until I was 6 weeks pregnant.

Well hopefully I will not come on this Saturday and I will do another test then when hopefully the hormone should be high.

QueenFlounce Tue 28-Jun-05 15:06:10

Lovecloud - I got period pains when my AF was due with both pregnancies (now 2 healthy children).

My BFP didn't show until I fished it out the bin 15mins later.... and was so faint DH didn't believe me!!!..... silly man.

lovecloud Tue 28-Jun-05 15:09:15

Well thats perked me up, I will have to fish it out of the bin then... nice

When you had a fait line was it after your due date or before?

QueenFlounce Tue 28-Jun-05 15:10:25

5 days before my due date. Tested every day after that until 3 days late.... when it was a nice strong blue line.

lovecloud Tue 28-Jun-05 15:14:37

Oh... i was hoping you would say 3 days late.

Just checked the bin and "not a sign of the line!"

My levels might not be strong enough yet (fingers crossed)

What else could explain this constant sickness?

spacecadet Tue 28-Jun-05 15:26:29

lovecloud, it could be a bug, but you could be preg, fwiw, i would wait until friday before testing again, hcg levelscan be so lowat this stage that even early preg tests cant pick them up.

lovecloud Tue 28-Jun-05 16:12:53

I know, it is most probably a bug. I cant actually tell you how many times I have convinced myself that I was pregnant. I have had all the symptoms and more, one month I was even on here asking how early you can feel movement as I had these mad tingly nipples and feelings in my tummy which turned out to be wind All this yearning for a baby has sent me over the edge.
Basically I am not trying but every month start thinking, "maybe I am" and getting all excited only to be let down. But this month I thought my chances were higher as all this sun made me and dh have sex more than ever.
I have actually ordered some tests off ebay and will not use them until my period is overdue.

lovecloud Tue 28-Jun-05 16:34:19

one last and final thought and then you can all ignore me.

has anyone tested negative but had pregnant symptoms and later tested positive, can the hormones be undetectable but strong enough to cause symptoms?

i swear i will not go on about this anymore

lovecloud Tue 28-Jun-05 16:55:22


lovecloud Tue 28-Jun-05 17:02:19

bump bump bump

anyone going to answer?

spacecadet Tue 28-Jun-05 17:43:43

poor you, you must be in turmoil, yes i tested neg for a week when preg with ds2, had symptons aswell, then finally got a faint positive, then every day after that, the line got darker!

Jen1209 Tue 28-Jun-05 19:55:43

Hi Lovelcloud - have had exactly the same thing as you - we have been ttc for a year and every month I have convinced myself that I am and then I'm not - every little sicky feeling and dizzy and sore nipples convinces me... This month, just like you I have felt really sicky for the past few and my boobs have exploded!!!

AF not due til 12th so I have got ages but am trying so hard not to think about it... Fingers crossed for both of us! Friend at work and one of my best friends have announced pregnancies this week so feeling a bit down in the dumps

lovecloud Tue 28-Jun-05 20:58:31

Hello thank you for your kind messages.
My sickness has wore off, if I feel sick again tomorrow than I will be really excited as that will be three days in a row!
Surely that is a good sign, I will try and not waste another test until my period due date this Saturday.
My stomach does feel like I am going to come on, I am trying to ignore it but it is there, can you feel like that when pregnant, with my first pregnancy i felt nothing until about 6 weeks.

firstbabyandnervous Wed 29-Jun-05 09:37:15

Morning lovecloud! Just reading this thread now. Dont know if its any help but I had symptoms in the first few days of my pregnancy and had 4 neg home tests and 2 neg tests at the doctors.She told me maybe it was a stomach bug but I knew I was pregnant as id never felt like that before. Didnt get a positive result till 5 weeks and im now 20+3 so it is possible to get the symptoms and still get neg results. Hope you get the results you want.

lovecloud Wed 29-Jun-05 12:43:02


That is weird that you kept getting negative tests, did the doctor say why?

I just received three tests in the post that I ordered yesterday off Ebay.

I felt sick all this morning and really tired, tried to ignore it but gave in and done a test - negative!

Just had some lunch and now I feel fine, sickness is gone. If I start feeling sick a bit later then I will be convinced that I am. With my 1st preg the sickness always subsided for awhile when I ate.

Because I did not keep a date of my period start and stop date earlier this month I may not be due in until mid next week so it could just be too early to detect. I am just guessing the date, normally I make a note of it. My friend who has the same cycle as me reckons we are both due on next tues/wed so I will just have to try and not waste another test until then.

Good luck with your pregnancy, is it your first? You are at the nice stage where it all starts happening. I loved being pregnant and even better meeting my little darling! Best thing I have ever done ... and the hardest but definitely the most rewarding!!!

I just hope I get to have another soon...

maddyd Wed 29-Jun-05 13:13:50

Sorry about the neg Lovecloud. Mine was too. I so want to be pregnant its not fair. Still time though im only 9dpo maybe too early even for the ultra early test

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